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Thank You Melissa Greenwood

Being your featured artist for the last week on 2007 is very much so an Honor!

In Celebration of this Honor, I made this page with the player below that plays my tracks as they are on my JamWave.Com site!

Also I need to give special thanks to my Bud Cliff Houck for showing me the way to JamWave.Com


You are listening to Doc's Blues as he has it playing at JamWave.Com

Thank You So Much Melissa.

What A Honor It Is To Be Featured On Your JamWave.Com Site As The Artist Of The Last Week Of The Year!

God Bless You!

Doc "MistaBluesman" Quinn



Merry Christmas

Wishing All A Wonderful Holiday Season

Melissa, Thank You Again & Everyone Remember, MistaBluesman Love's You All!

Happy New Year 2008

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Isn't this some really cool font! I just love it! ~ Doc ~


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 Thanks to ALL OF YOU that have showed me a warm welcome here at JamWave. I will
do my best to be a worthy friend!

~ Doc ~