For Pat St.John

Hey Brother, here is a little something you didn't know about MistaBluesman


I had several bands back in the day, (The Exotics, The Quinn Teens and ect. but here are a few cuts we made back in the 60's that may, just may tickle your fancy man.

What's so funny about this recording is our Father wouldn't let me play the lead guitar, he said I was bending my strings too much so he had me play the drums, Lol

My Sister, (Della) wrote both songs and and sings lead on both songs. My youngest Sister, (Dorothy) sang back up, (Harmony)

The 45's were great but we didn't have the bucks no means of getting them to the right folks !!

The Label on "Dickie" and "I Hurt So" was Pike Records, Bakersfield, CA. Recorded in 1963.

Back in the day thay called me Dickie and now you know why I have so many other names, lol!

Here's A Photo of the 45 rpm record. The flip side was, "I Hurt So"

Just click the links and they will open in your default player.

Dickie - 128kbps Mp3 -

I Hurt So - 128kbps Mp3 -

Just thought this my intrest you Brother.

Back to listening to you on CBS FM 101.1

Later, Your Bud,

Doc "MistaBluesman" Quinn