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Doc Quinn - 1955

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Hot To Trot


30 sec. sample of Doc's "Hot To Trot"

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I played this jam on my 1991 Fender USA Strat.
 I don't think I could have chose a better axe to use!

A Blues cat (good friend) by the name of Jasper Mills had this backing track and hinted to a bunch of us guitar players at the old message board that he thought it would be cool to have different artists do what they feel the track needed as far as lead, vocals and ect. Well, this is my efforts to show Jasper with what I personally heard when I listened and played along with his backing track!

I jammed this instrumental with a one take and as you hear it is exactly how that one take came out to sound. No additions and no tricks baby, just straight out jammin'. Year - 2001

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Everyday In My Prayers I Ask Our Lord To Let Me Die In The Place Of Any Child!

Doc "MistaBluesman" Quinn

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