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Happy Mother's Day Mom - 2011


Lois Mae Quinn


Lois Mae Boogie

I wrote and recorded this boogie for my Mom (Lois Mae Quinn). I did get to play it live for her before she joined my Father (Buddy Quinn) above.

Of course it is titled . ..

 "Lois Mae Boogie"


My Mother, Lois Mae Quinn from day one has always supported my music. She was very instrumental in my learning the guitar. She and my Father, Buddy Quinn were both my mentors.

My Mother loved a good fast boogie and I have seen her and my Father cut a many a rug to several good tunes.

I wrote and recorded this boogie for my Mom as a dedication to her and before she moved from here on
earth to our Lord's heaven above she did get to hear me play this boogie for her. She loved it to say the least!

I Love my Mom more or as much as any Mom on this
planet could ever be loved by her son!

I Love You Mom And This Boogie's For You!

2011 Update - Hey Mom, I Love You and Happy Mother's Day - As you know from watching me from above, I'm still pluggin' away at it. Times are a lil' tough but so what, a man's gotta' keep on keepin' on, right!

As you know, I'm nearly 62 years young now but still very healthy, strong and busy as eva'. Still herding these old trucks around but still diggin' it also! Not driving my own trucks anymore but driving for some really good folks and they treat me like family. I like that!

Eva' one is doin' good and are healthy as I. They ALL send the Love and Happy Mother's Day Blessings to you!

Give Dad and yourself a big ol' hug from me and I Love You Both!

Again, Happy Mother's Day Sweetie!

Love You & Miss You !!!!

Your Son,



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