To: Pat St.John - Sirius Satellite Radio

From : Doc Quinn/Artist Launch

Re: Doc Quinn/Artist Launch providing Independent Artists music for Sirius Satellite Radio play and much more!

Hi Pat; 

Hope the New Year is rockin' just the way you like it brother!

I would like to run a few things past you in reference to starting an Independent Artist Music channel on Sirius Satellite Radio. XM has an Independent Artists channel but it really lacks in more places than you and I could ever count up! I briefly mentioned this plan to you last year but would like to go into more detail at this time.

Before I get started I want you to know how cool I think it is that Sirius picked up a lil' something from me for their new catch phrase - (Riding With The Big Dog). The new posters out at the truck stops look great and I am watching the truckers buying up Sirius Satellite systems like hotcakes! It makes me feel so good to be the one that gave Sirius via you the idea for this new catch phrase! Every time I see one of the new posters, I get a big ol' grin on my face! Remember this mail - Click Here! 

Now, I understand that this e-mail should/could be directed to Scott Greenstein, Jay Clark, Steve Blatter or Doug Kaplan but in respect for our friendship and all you are doing for me I feel I must first run everything past you so you can either walk it in or advise me as to what or how you would like me to proceed. So here we go my man ......

I am affiliated with an online music distributor known all around the world/web as Artist Launch ( Artist Launch is not the normal Indie Artist (Independent Unsigned Artist) music site. Artist Launch far exceeds all other indie artists sites by providing supreme Indie Artists, supreme music content, two syndicated FM radio shows and much more. For a one page view of what we do at Artist Launch Click Here! For a PDF format Click Here!

For a sample (excerpts) of the supreme music and show we provide Click Here!

Unlike XM, Sirius does not have a independent "Unsigned" artists channel. I (Doc Quinn/Artist Launch) propose to provide Sirius with our Independent Artists "supreme music content" and promotion for Sirius Satellite Radio! With the affiliation of Sirius and Artist Launch the "Big Dog" will have the best Independent Artists music that is available on the internet.

Sirius "Unsigned" Artists Channel - Like I have already said, Sirius does not have an "Unsigned" channel. XM does and they will slowly capture Subscriptions from the 1,000,000 + Indies on the web because they are seen as "supporters" of Indie music.  

Doc Quinn/Artist Launch can provide for Sirius "Unsigned Artists" content and eliminate the need for Sirius having to deal with hiring someone to receive 1000ís of emails with CDs as XM has to do. We will also provide a program director to screen all music and pick nothing but the best and set up the shows. XM has to pay for for all this but like I say, we will provide this service in efforts to have our indies on Sirius Satellite Radio!.  

Doc Quinn/Artist Launch can help Sirius capture the majority of the Indie market. XM is making partnerships with other music distribution systems to create source of additional subscriptions.  Sirius does not have such a system at the moment. What I (Doc Quinn/Artist Launch) propose is simple. We are already in the Indie music business.  We already have 2 syndicated FM radio shows. We already have several thousand Indies on our sites and attracting more and many more daily.  We are experts at Internet Music distribution. We could do the following:

1. - Create additional web presence for Sirius, complete with a way for people to subscribe to "Web Only

2. - Create an additional links for Sirius Satellite Radio channels broadcasting on the web.

3. - Create, manage, and supervise an all new "Unsigned" channel for Sirius without Sirius having to deal
      with all the CD's mailed in. Not to mention having to deal with the thousands of e-mails this would
      create for Sirius.

4. - Create an additional revenue stream to Sirius by taking a piece of our Artist Subscription fee and giving
      each artist a subscription to Sirius. Sirius gets a new subscriber along with revenue and we get the
      benefit of an affiliation with Sirius.

What is in it for Sirius?

(a) A great ready-made web presence without needing new programmers and a staff of people to manage
     the site. We do it all!

(b) Additional revenue from WEB ONLY subscriptions that will eventually convince the subscriber to
     purchase a full subscription

(c) A great new channel for unsigned artists just as XM has. Thus helping SIRIUS capture a huge piece of
     that large market without having to do ANYTHING! We do it all, bottom line!

(d) Additional revenues for Sirius by us sharing Artist Launch subscription fees with them.

(e) The best damn Indie music on the net! 

What is in it for Doc Quinn/Artist Launch? 

(a) We get our Indies on Satellite radio.  That is the driving force for us.  This will help attract new artists
     to Artist Launch and in turn generate more subscriptions and revenue for Sirius! Thus making Sirius
     Satellite Radio, NOT XM, the best "Unsigned Artists" supporter there is. But, time is running short and
     we need to move now! So lets make "Riding With The Big Dog" the new catch phrase in the indie
     "Unsigned " artists world on the internet also!

Thanks Pat and I'll be standing by to hear from you brother!

Your Friend,

Doc "Mistabluesman"  Quinn