For My Friend - Pat St.John

Man With A Heart

I like a man with a Heart
a man thatís not ashamed to cry
and I like a man that will fight for his rights
A man thatís not afraid to die.

I like a man that will offer his hand
when he sees another manís luck run bad
and I like a man that will share in the sorrows
when he sees another mans life sad.

Now thatís the kind of man that Iíd like to be
and I hope itís not too late to start,
because, I like a man just like you Pat St.John,
I like a ďMan with a HeartĒ

By: Doyle R. (Buddy) Quinn

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Voiceovers by: Pat St.John

Sirius Blues 74

Who in the tarnation is the fat ass with the hat on?

Ya' know, during the course of one's life we run across people that we admire and respect because of their true friendship. It's not all that we meet but that special person is there for the finding if you can open up your heart to their offering. Well, when I met you Pat, I knew right then and there that you were one of those really special people.

It's with my heart that I say, Thank You Pat for all you've done for us music artists around the world. We'll forever be in debt to you!

Your Bud,
Doc "MistaBluesman" Quinn