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My Hurt For Natalee

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Title: My Hurt For Natalee

Artist: Doc Mistabluesman Quinn

Official Site: www.docquinn.com

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"My Hurt For Natalee"
- (Blues/Reggae/??)

 It's no secret that I am a soft hearted whatever folks want to call me and with that said, I'll share this out of
the ordinary for me jam that I found in my heart that I reckon stems from my hurting for Natalee Holloway and
her family.

This track consist of a lil' B3, Elec. Pads, Block, Wah Ped, Crybaby Ped, Fender Strat, Fender acoustic bass, Les Paul Special, Ampeg Reverb Rocket (Tube) and a Washburn acoustic guitar for the lead mic'd thru a Line6 Pod (setting 6A).

 Mark Hewer Said: "Great production! Reggae paradise.
Jammin' mon! Nice guitar work and the beat grooves. Thumbs up!"

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