Doc Quinn's Convicted Child Offenders Awareness Jam!

Everyday in my prayers I ask our Lord to let me die in the place of the innocent children.
Doc Quinn

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"Convicted Child Offenders Awareness Jam"
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I Need More Support Equipment

My main concern is the life's of the children. For them (the children) I gather and verify information on exactly where in the neighborhoods of innocent children do convicted child offenders live and/or visit. Then share that information with the folks that attend the jam. I make them aware, then they share the information with their friends and the word starts to mushroom. This helps save the life's of the children of that community. 

I personally research all local authorities in the cities, counties and states that I visit to see if the authorities have current, well maintained, up to date records of this information. I notify these agencies in advance that I'm coming to do this research so, if they are relying on out dated information they have the opportunity to get it updated prior to my arrival. I don't pull no punches with them, I tell them that I am going to be talking to all the people of their city I can and I need nothing less than the most current information possible. I review their records for places the convicted child offenders in their jurisdiction visit. I verify their records of where the convicted child offenders live in comparison with the records that are available on the Government's Registry.

Here at our headquarters (our home) we have only three computers that are constantly working to gather as much information as we can about the locations we visit prior to contacting the local agencies! Most of the information we gather goes on floppy and is available for extraction as well as back up and up dates.

A situation we are finding to be a problem is the fact that we can not do any computer research while out and about at the jams. When people have a name they would like to have researched, we have no way of doing this until we get back to our headquarters.

Names and addresses are important but as the old saying goes, "A picture is worth a thousand words". I want to be able to pull that suspected person's file up (if indeed there is a file on him/her) and print out a photo for the party concerned.

Therefore friends, we need more computer equipment!! 

We are very dedicated to our cause but we are not, I repeat, we are not, wealthy!! We need your help. So if any of you have any new and /or good used computer equipment (laptops, printers, hard drives, fax machines, ect.) that will suffice our needs then, please come forward with what you have and let us put it to work on what we all know is a very important to the children cause!

Do I need money, Yes, but equipment is money and money is equipment. So, I ask that you do what you can to help save the life's of the children so we can do what we do to help save the life's of the children!

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