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I put 1 1/2 million miles on this truck. Today it is hauling rcoks for Titan and owned by Robert Moore of J & R.

The truck was my 1996 freightliner - I drove it 1,500,000 miles before I got shed of it.


I as well, like to do this - look below!

Two time champion "FORD" racecar. Hey, ever tried to spell racecar backwards?

I put the above car of mine on here to mess with David (Bush) because he hates Ford race cars.
This particular car was a two time (back to back) west coast IMCA season points champion car.
Go ahead on with your bad self Bush, Click on the racer! - lol, lol, lol!
All it takes to win with a Ford is, more money Brother !


I dig dirt track racing to the bone baby!

This photo is of the very first IMCA car I built. My daughter (Debo)
was the trophy girl for the track that night. Won it's first race ever entered.


Ron "Sleepy" Tripp is a fricken animal in my cars. He tears some up but the ones he don't tear up he wins with.

I sponsored and built five identical cars like the one above for Ron "Sleepy" Tripp in
one racing season. This particular racer won 15 main event shows in that season.


I built this car 1/2 in. longer than the rules and never got caught, lol! Remember, longer IS BETTER!

I built this car for the car owner (George & Gary Zarounian) and driver (Sleepy Tripp) in 1985.


My bud is gone and I miss him. He taught me things he never showed other race car builders.

Left to Right - Doc, my bud Smokey Yunick and Mike (oldest living Indy 500 official).

and it was but, not just town, it was the best damn garage anywhere!


I would race for free if it ment keeping the kids having fun and out of trouble.

The children always loved me. Why? because I always brought
stuffed toys, t-shirts and candy to the tracks for them.


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This car won some races but not enough to pay me back for all the money I put in it. Not to mention my time.

The above photo is of my last pavement car. Money is all that kept me out of being
a champion with this car. lol ! Whoever has the most money wins this game. 1992


I sure miss my folks :-(

My Mom & Dad with me at the Bellville Kansas Midget Nationals.
 See that number on the racer, you only get that number after you won
the last years race. My Mom wanted a picture with her in the seat.
This particular racer was a Edmonds chassis with an Autocraft engine.


I loved this truck. My son and daughter gave me this truck and a 1958 Ford for Christmas in 1993.

The above photo is my 1929 A Bone pick-up. In 1994 I drove this rig on my "Nashville Or Bust" tour. I had a tow bar for the front of the truck & a hitch on the rear of my 1991 Harley so I could set it up to pull the truck & trailer if the Model A Ford gave me trouble where I couldn't get parts to fix it. The truck was loaded down with 11 guitars, amps and other necessities to do roadside shows as well as the three television and seven radio shows that I done on this 42 day tour. It was a complete blast to say the least. I found the beauty of Paris, Texas while I was coming up north from my Mom's house after stopping by to visit with her on this tour.


Never really sold many but we sure gave a ton of them away, lol

Jimmy (1626 BT) you said you liked early 60's R&R music, well this is for you bud !

Above is a 45 rpm record my sisters and I cut in or around 1964 I think.

.Listen to the flip side - "I Hurt So"


My up-coming new CD cover. To be released in 2009 - We'll all get togeher for a party when I release it.

This is the cover art for my up-coming new CD. The tracks will consist of all
original tunes  from my Father (Buddy Quinn) and I. It will be mostly all acoustic
with just a  few electric guitar tracks.


I go here now and them to play my Blues.

Doc "MistaBluesman" Quinn has been at the Ground Zero Blues Club
in Clarksdale, MS. - See my name wrote on the door. lol ! Click Photo!


I never rode this scooter while drinking, lol, lol, lol

My daughter (Debo) on my 1951 Harley Chopper. I wrote and recorded "Harley D Cadillacin".
I named it that because I used my 51 Harley pictured above for the percussions, (drums). Yes, I had my 51 Harley in my studio, had headphones on while playing my guitar, recording myself and my scooter to a rhythm track I had already recorded for the lead guitar and scooter. I might say it was a "GAS". - Click the play button to the left to listen to the recording.


It's way to fast to ride sober !!

96 in. Supercharged Harley with NOS
Great bar hopper - Click Photo !

Wow, that was close, whew!

Great hole shot racer for pary nights out on the town. I never lost a race on this scoot.

This Harley would slip you off the seat with
it's low end torque. It was a great street racer.


My bud, Leon and I. He worked a the scooter shop where I bought this scoot new.

My 1991 Harley.
This is the scoot I took on my Nashville Or Bust Tour in 1994.
I bought it new, rode it 8 miles and started rebuilding it as to bring
it back up with a nostalgia appearance.

I am in high cotton when I am playing with my hobbies

Two of my pride and joys! 1991 Harley and my 1958 Ford Fairlane
See the hitch on the back of my scooter that is for pulling my A Bone.


My Father built racers like this for drivers that went on to be Indy 500 champions in later years.

My Fathers last race car. That's him wearing the helmet.


Left to right, my uncle ED, Uncle Jay, Uncle EL, my Father (Buddy), my Grandmother & my Grandfather.

That's him, (my Father) the smallest one with his arms crossed
standing on the car next to my grandma. They were on their
way from Texas to California to pick fruit for the farmers.


My Mother & Father - Click Here!


Playin' Da' Blues and Sa' Mo' Kin' - See the cig - 1955

My Mothers Epiphone guitar was dang near as tall as I was when I started playing the guitar.
I was six years old - 1955


Ever need one or some of these. I have many times.

Just tell the proprietor that you know me and charge your
paddles to me. I have an open account there!
Been there many, many times!


Well there ya' go my rdc friends, I hope you had fun and come back as often as you wish to.  Thanks,  Doc   www.docquinn.com 

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