(Midcoe Transportation - MC320568)
I must say that your response to J D Wentworth telling you that J D Wentworth would not be loading the paper load at Paris Printing & Packaging, Clarksville, TX is about what we expected from you. We think a more caring employer would have maybe had something like this to say .. Damn, what's wrong? Something must have you pretty damn upset to just up and walk away after being with the company for twelve years. But you didn't even think that, did you? Instead you said, "I think it's chicken shit how you went about it". Well regardless, it is what it is now and we are not surprised whatsoever about your remark.
Now, if you had been more fair in compensating J D Wentworth for service beyond the call of duty on some runs as well as the last Mc News load, things would more than likely be different this morning!
$72.00 for 423 miles deadhead and 21 hours loading time was an absolute insult to J D Wentworth!
Fact is Michael, you haven't been fair to J D Wentworth on several occasions.

For instance, how about your office help (Angie) calling my cell phone at 1000 hours while I was sleeping (scheduled 10 hour break) at the rest area in Tulare, Ca. and telling me that Kyle Perry of Campbell Soup had called the Midcoe Transportation office and said, he needed his product that was in my trailer delivered to the Campbell Soup Paris, TX facility no later than 1800 hours the next day! I about choked on the words I was hearing from Angie (Midcoe Transportation). I asked Angie, did she know how many miles it was from Tulare, CA to Paris, TX, and she said "no, but I know it's a long ways". I told her that it was in excess of 1500 (fifteen hundred) miles and that it would be near impossible to be in Paris, TX by 1800 hours the next day. She put me on hold and transferred the phone to you Michael. You told me that Kyle Perry (Campbell Soup) had just called Midcoe Transportation and said that the Campbell Soup kitchen in Paris, TX would be out of product and will have to shut down if the product wasn't going to be there by 1800 hours the next day. You went on to say that Kyle Perry (Campbell Soup) told you that Campbell Soup employees will be sent home and a re-start-up of the Campbell Soup Paris, TX. kitchen would have to take place if I didn't have their (Campbell Soup's) product there by 1800 hours the following day. Now you may not remember all this as you read it here but cell phone logs and cell phone mp3's do not forget! Did I do as I was directed by Angie and you Michael (Midcoe Transportation)? Yes I did, fact is I arrived at Campbell Soup Paris, TX at exactly 1600 hours the next day and they started unloading our (J D Wentworth) trailer at 1610 hours. At 1620 hours a Campbell Soup employee from the kitchen came to the dock and said, "Damn it's a good thing you are here because we just ran out of product". Regardless of why the Campbell Soup employee thought it was a good thing I was there I was thinking, how good it was of God for getting me there safe and alive because I didn't (still don't) even remember some of the the miles I covered on the way back to Paris, TX. from Tulare, CA. Now we can talk "what is chicken shit", ok! Was J D Wentworth compensated for this beyond the call of duty that is so absolutely against all Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) guidelines and laws who explicitly states that their primary mission is to reduce crashes, injuries, and fatalities involving large trucks? Hell no we weren't. Fact is Michael (Midcoe Transportation), you nor your help and much less Campbell Soup even had the decency to say "Thank You". Now, That's Chicken Shit Bud!
Shall I go on? Maybe you want me to get into Midcoe Transportation dispatches to J D Wentworth that involve these shippers and receivers, Tyson Foods Inc., Golden State Foods, McDonalds, Pilgrims Pride, (Campbell Soup and Kyle Perry again). Some really deep pockets here Michael that you have brought into being liable parties because of your illegal and ruthless dispatching tactics and they are all considered end users who would be the parties gaining from J D Wentworth being dispatched on projects that are 100% against Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) guidelines and laws not to mention the liability you have imposed upon the aforementioned for dispatches that could or would hinder the safety, health, possible death of the driver and death of others that could or would be involved in an accident due to your knowingly illegal tactics and dispatch.
I know Michael, how about this one. What do you think Tyson Foods Inc., Golden States Foods and McDonalds would think of you (Midcoe Transportation) if they were told about how you dangled our weekly lease settlement pay in front of us in your efforts to get J D Wentworth to deliver a load of McDonalds Chicken McNuggets that loaded late (fault of shipper) at Tyson Foods Inc. in Nashville, AR. (0200 hours) one day and delivering Golden States Foods in City Of Industry, CA. the next day at 0900 hours, (1648 miles in 31 hours). Why they would throw you (Midcoe Transportation) so far out of their list of trucking service companies. No one would ever find you. Do you think they (parties listed above) want the chance of their product tumbling end over end down the highway because of your illegal dispatches and tactics, hell no they don't. My feelings about this dispatch (change order) is that, a real dispatcher/manager, fellow human/man and/or the parties listed above would be more caring and concerned about the safety and health of another human (the driver) to even allow this to happen regardless of the customers wants, needs, or demands. Michael, have you not a heart, have you any knowledge of the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) guidelines and laws? Can I prove this dispatch if needed, damn right I can. I have copies of all the documents, Midcoe Transportation has all the documents and all the aforementioned parties have all the documents on this. Plus, I have my cell phone logs. What in the world could make you even a worse manager here, well, do you remember reloading the J D Wentworth truck right back to TEXAS the same morning after this near killing the driver dispatch? We do, in fact Michael, we also have all those documents as well as the cell phone logs.
J D Wentworth has upon your (Midcoe Transportation) orders/dispatches embarrassingly disobeyed the guidelines, laws and rules of the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) in efforts to obey your (Midcoe Transportation) direction/dispatches, bottom line! Grant you that at times J D Wentworth made runs on our own that were illegal runs but it was not to get home sooner, it was to get the job done so documents would hit the office before your (Midcoe Transportation's) payroll deadline of 0730 hours on Thursdays via Trans Flow Express and/or hand delivery!

All dispatched loads are governed by law to be monitored by the carrier (that's you Michael) as to make sure the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) guidelines and laws are being followed to the tee. It's common knowledge that in most cases the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) will hold the carrier liable for violations and I would think especially a carrier like Midcoe Transportation, (Midcoe Transportation - MC320568) who completely ignores the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) guidelines and laws. But, you wouldn't know that because it's pretty well established by documented records and cell phone logs that you don't know jack about the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) guidelines and laws and it's obvious that you care more for the end users (your customers) than you care for your drivers and or their families. You should read the book someday, it's a good read and reading it might, just might keep your butt out of jail some day, who knows!
Michael, this tears my eyes. My youngest daughter, Stormey Lynn (10 years old) over heard her mom talking to me on our home phone to my cell phone during that illegal Tulare, CA. to Paris, TX. run for Midcoe Transportation and Campbell Soup when Stormey's mom (Jennifer) said to me, "I sure hope you don't kill yourself for Midcoe and Campbell Soup just because some a_ _hole at Campbell Soup wants his product to make Soup". Well Michael, three times since that night Stormey Lynn has woke her mom in the middle of the night crying and asking if daddy (that's me Michael) was going to kill himself tonight because his boss at Midcoe and Campbell Soup make him drive without Sleep! How unfair to a kid is that man? She won't even eat Campbell's Soup anymore, can't say I blame her. Stormey is dreaming about me (her daddy) dying working for Midcoe Transportation and Campbell Soup because of your (Midcoe Transportation) illegal dispatches and or change orders. Whatever you want to call it. For single drivers that load should have been re-motored twice or re-motored to a team truck which Midcoe Transportation doesn't have. It's just like this Michael, remember your meeting with the Campbell Soup Headquarters employees here in Paris, TX a few weeks ago? You were trying to get a contract to provide trucking services re-negotiated. You told the Campbell Soup Headquarters employees that Midcoe Transportation has provided overnight service from Ca. To Paris, TX.  The first thing they (Campbell Soup) ask you was, "You don't do this illegal do you?" You (Michael) then flat out lied to the Campbell Soup folks and said, "NO" Midcoe Transportation re-motor's the load to team trucks if necessary! You LIED to them people Michael. What would have been so bad if you were to have said, well I have in the past but from this point on any illegal for a single driver trip will be re-motored to a team truck. Why lie, lying is not right Michael and I think you know that but you do it! See, Campbell Soup don't want their product tumbling end over end on some highway Michael. That's why they asked if you were providing the overnight service illegally. They are smart enough to know what liability risk they have for being involved in illegal practices. But you lied and now you have exposed them and involved them (Campbell Soup) to exactly what they don't want. I sat with and talked to my daughter Stormey Lynn last night before she went to bed and assured her that her daddy (that's me Michael) was never again going to let some fools subject him to death for services beyond the call of duty. Maybe not in them exact words but she is only 10 years old and I have to be as easy on her little mind as I can about how you (Midcoe Transportation) and Campbell Soup all but killed me by forcing me to drive sleepless for both of your gains.

You know I have the same type of dispatches to talk about that were pulled as per your illegal dispatches for Pilgrims Pride, don't you!

We'll save them for when it's time if necessary, so ......
Let's talk logs, ok! What a joke when it comes to Midcoe Transportation. Midcoe Transportation retains an outside party to review and monitor Midcoe Transportation drivers logs but, the drivers are encouraged to lie and turn in logs that are hours of service (HOS) legal but do not match dates and times for, stops, rest breaks, fueling, loading and or unloading which are all required (true legal dates and times) by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) guidelines and laws. What's the use here Michael, it's a joke when I'm told to turn in anything I can to suffice the outside log monitoring company!  When I say that there is no way my logs can be right due to the illegal dispatches to J D Wentworth I'm told to turn in something that will work. Hell, I have turned in logs as per Midcoe Transportation's direction that have passed the outside companies monitoring that show me at home when indeed I was on the road and I have the documents to prove it.
Michael, check out the photos below of some illegal logs (all lies) I have re-wrote while on the road in efforts to pull off some of Midcoe Transportation's dispatches to J D Wentworth! They're not nice photos!



















Nasty, aren't they!

The logs in the photos represent only a small portion of the illegal log book re-writes J D Wentworth has in file that were wrote in efforts to have on hand for US Hwy Patrol officers, DOT scale stops and DOT in-route inspections just to cover our tail while pulling your (Midcoe Transportation) and your customer's (parties listed above) illegal dispatches.

Now don't forget the fact that, on numerous  occasions J D Wentworth has provided drug screening samples for test that always proved to be  clean. Never once was there a dirty test. I didn't do drugs (I don't do drugs) to make these illegal runs Michael, I used my worry of what would my family do without me to make theses illegal runs.

Michael, are you beginning to wonder where all this is going? I mean, I have been going on now for some time. You have to be wondering why, right?

Well here's why Bud!

In the last year or shall we say since you have had the controlling reins of Midcoe Transportation, what some 14 months now, we have never been dispatched on so many illegal to run loads and forced to break the law so many times. In my 42 (forty two) years as a truck driver I have never met anyone as uncaring for a driver, a drivers safety, well being and a drivers family as you. You take the cake in that race, I'll tell ya'.

Do you for one second think that your customers (the end users) would even know much less care if I was to die in our truck due to fatigue trying to pull off one of your shenanigan dispatches? Hell no they wouldn't. We don't really think it would bother you (Midcoe Transportation) either. I mean, if you were concerned about that we don't believe you would have dispatched the illegal to run loads to J D Wentworth. If I die running your (Midcoe Transportation) illegal dispatches Michael, are you going to take care of my family for me, hell no your not! Will your customers, hell no they're not! What the hey dude! How is your heart going to feel when (it's not if, it's when Michael) you finally do kill a driver with your so unlawful and illegal against Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) guidelines and laws dispatches. Man, all I can say at this point is, you can bet it's not going to be me! I Can't Take No More! 

But, I can still tell you, I can be your friend or I can be your (Midcoe Transportation) and  Midcoe Transportation's customers worst enemy! It's going to be up to you!

J D Wentworth worked our tails off for Midcoe Transportation for several years and have always provided the best service of any truck working for Midcoe Transportation. We were never late on pick ups and deliveries, we were never short product, we always smiled for your customers, we never talked bad about the company to anyone other than to ourselves. Fact is Michael, J D Wentworth loaded and delivered over 1000 loads for Midcoe Transportation without one single incident! Do you know any other lease trucks that Midcoe has ever had that could fill them shoes? You might say you do but we know more about Midcoe Transportation lease trucks than you do and we know that not one of them can add them stats to their credits.

J D Wentworth worked for many years to pay off our equipment so we could afford to purchase our home. We knew that when the truck and trailer loans were paid in full we would feel safe about being able to pay payments on our home purchase. Well, no sooner did we purchase our home a Midcoe Transportation employee (Midcoe Transportation employee as we know it, Midcoe Transportation's insurance paid the bill) crashed (totaled out) our truck by dragging a Midcoe Transportation trailer over the front area of the J D Wentworth truck that was parked on Midcoe Transportation property. This has caused us a lot of grief. We had to borrow on our trailer and put it with the monies from Midcoe Transportation's insurance company to put down on another used truck. Now, we have a truck payment, a trailer payment as well as what we felt was an easy house payment to make.

We (J D Wentworth) feel that you Michael Middleton, your father (Mike Middleton) whom I really like, Midcoe Transportation, Tyson Foods Inc., Golden State Foods, Pilgrims Pride, Campbell Soup and Kyle Perry of Campbell Soup have abused and used us illegally to no end.

Just who in the hell do ALL YOU PEOPLE think you are? Do you think you are un-reachable by Federal laws? Well you're badly mistaken. See, J D Wentworth has justifiable "cause for action" and surely ALL OF YOU will at some point agree with this fact prior to attempting to defend what you can't.

In the event J D Wentworth does not receive a fair compensation for providing services beyond the call of duty and absolute unlawful abuse we feel the list of companies and individuals below should stand up in court for their role (s) in the unlawful abuse, selfish tactics and wrong doings to J D Wentworth.

Midcoe Transportation

Mike Middleton - Owner Midcoe Transportation

Michael Middleton - Manager Midcoe Transportation

Campbell Soup Company

Douglas R. Conant - CEO Campbell Soup

Kyle Perry - Campbell Soup

Tyson Foods Inc.

Richard L. Bond - Tyson Foods Inc.

Golden State Foods

Mark S Wetterau - CEO Golden State Foods

* Michael Waitukaiti -Golden State Chief Financial Officer

Wetterau Associates

* Mark Wetterau CEO

* Conrad Wetterau - Associate

* - 70% ownership of Golden State Foods

Pilgrims Pride

Lonnie Ken Pilgrim - CEO Pilgrims Pride

McDonalds Corporation

James A. Skinner (Jim) - CEO McDonalds Corporation


Now just look at the list of folks that your wrongful and illegal dispatching has brought to the dance Michael!

The "cause of action" is prepared and ready to be filed with the courts!

Think I Won't, Just Try Me!

As much as I like your Father, I promise I will follow thru with this!

I'm pretty well certain that your work load will drop drastically when all these folks are served!

And on top of that Michael, I will work my ass off and do my absolute best to get the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) to lock down and fence in the Paris, TX. Midcoe Transportation operation and equipment. I don't think this will be very hard to accomplish with the records you and I both have to furnish for their audit. Maybe, just maybe, I will be saving the life of one of your company drivers.

Can all this stop right here and now, maybe, we'll see!

Want to talk about this?

I have a home number and you know it but for the record, (903 783 0475) there it is.

Maybe you, your Father (if he so desires) and I can have a soda with-in a day or two!

It's all about compensation for services beyond the call of duty and absolute unlawful abuse by you Michael (Midcoe Transportation) and ALL PARTIES listed above. So bring your checkbook Michael so you can compensate J D Wentworth as you should have from the very start! Don't worry, I will bring a legal release form releasing ALL PARTIES listed indefinitely. That's Simple! - Keep in mind that all we are looking for in compensation is the monies we feel we deserve and that monies will be used to enable us to obtain our own motor carries authority and insurance so we can go back to work in a legal way!

We just want what we consider "what's fair". That's all we ever wanted or expected from Midcoe Transportation!

Have you ever read McDonalds Code Of Conduct For Suppliers? It's a good read and it plainly spells out how they (McDonalds) DO NOT want suppliers like you (Midcoe Transportation), Tyson Foods Inc. and Golden State Foods treating people like us (J D Wentworth) wrong. Fact is, they go out of their way to try and protect folks like us, (J D Wentworth). - Good Read - Click Here!

It can all stop right here and right now if we agree to agree but, if not, then the ball starts rolling with only one little phone call Michael. It's just about due compensation my man!

Here's a thought, maybe you (Midcoe Transportation) would like to hire J D Wentworth as Midcoe Transportation's safety managing firm. We would be a great at it and straighten out all this bullshit once and for all! No one else would ever have this upper hand on you again!

Again, call me if you want to talk!

J D Wentworth


revised: 1/16/08