Protect The Children

"Our Children Look To Us First For Their Protection"

"Know who is in your neighborhood so you can advise your children"

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I am going to furnish you with a link below that will take you to the FBI's
 "State Sex Offender Registry Web Sites"

 This site will take you to a search page of your home state, city, zip code (your neighborhood) and allow you to search your city and/or immediate neighborhood for registered child offenders. There will be specific data and in most cases photos available to you on the locations within your city/neighborhood along with offences and status of these offenders. My personal recommendation is that, you get your children to view the photos with you in efforts to help them recognize and avoid these offenders.

In the event, you hear about this but can not conduct the search yourself, contact me at and I will conduct your search and share found information with you via e-mail.


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It's time that you write your congressperson! You tell him/her that you want to know, why child offenders are still on the streets of your neighborhood with access to innocent children? Tell them that if they want/need  your support (vote), then they better damn well support your wants/needs and get these convicted child offenders off the streets of your neighborhood now or, you will damn well help vote him/her (congressperson) out of office, bottom line! - Don't Be Shy!

State, county, city, law enforcement agencies and judicial courts are doing a fine job in apprehending and incarcerating these offenders. They also would like to see these child offenders locked away and off our streets, never to return but, they need the federal law behind them in order to do so! Let's help them get that federal law!

It is my personal way of thinking that makes me write the following.

 I think all convicted child offenders should be locked away and never released back into society!

This site has been constructed in efforts to, HELP PROTECT THE CHILDREN!

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