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Doc's comments on Sirius Satellite Radio!

The other day someone said to me, "Doc, you are a idie artist (Independent Artist), why do you listen to Sirius Satellite Radio".

Well, that's easy to answer and I did reply to the question with the following.......

Ok now, looky here! I know a lot of you won't listen to anything but indie music but hey man, how in the hell are you going to keep up with the direction the music industry sound  is going and making sure that you have your unique sound also headed in that direction if you don't know what the hell the big boys and gals are doing and sounding like!

I like most of you think that some of the greatest artists are indie artists. Some artists are great real stars but just don't want and won't live in that realm of stardom! They prefer to remain indies, (Independent Artists) that only have their music available on the internet! I'm cool with that!

I am partial to the old Delta style of Blues but love all blues and all music as far as that goes. But hey now, at times, I drift off to what I believe to be the best outside the indie world source of music available to us today and to me that is, Sirius Satellite Radio. Sirius Blues 29 is my most favorite channel to listen to and jam along with. It's Blues new and old! I have played the blues all around the USA and have been on the frets for 50 years now. Every damn time (at least once a day) I sit down to jam along with the Blues played on Sirius Blues 29 I learn something new that I add to my riff bag!

Besides, the DJ's are so damn cool man. They all make you feel like you are right there in the broadcasting booth with them. I mean if you dig the Blues, you will get to hear Pat St.John, Dave Mac, Neicy and Earl Times! It just isn't gonna' get any better for you than this man. These are some really cool peoples that know there blues.

I am sure that out of all 65 music channels and 55 sport and news channels that you won't be there no time and you will "BE HOOKED" as Sirius Blues 29 DJ Pat St.John puts it! He's hooked just like the rest of us!

It's better than drugs ;-)

So, get off your coon dog and click on the links I have furnished you below and start out by listening FREE for three days and then like the rest of us did, bite the bullet and subscribe!

Once you have subscribed now, you can play Sirius Satellite Radio on any computer using your pass code that Sirius will give you. You can also do as I did and that is, buy the Mobil unit and home docking station for your home entertainment system.

I personally have Sirius on my studio computer, my home entertainment center in my living room, all five of my computers, my 18 wheeler, (can't get down the road without it) and in my race car fabrication shop! Am I HOOKED, hell yes and you wanna' know why, It's the blues I love and the DJ's at Sirius Satellite Radio (Sirius Blues 29) give me all the Blues this old bluesman can take.

Your gonna' love it and I know, you are an indie, so am I and I may always be an indie but man, you gotta' keep up with what's cookin' brothers and sisters!

Listen to Sirius Satellite Radio for "Free" on your computer for three days! Click RIGHT HERE for free listen and/or click the link below to sign up!

SIRIUS is the "hottest ticket in town". It's a radio picnic without the ants. It's 65 channels of 100% commercial-free music and 55 channels of sports, news and talk.  Sign up now !

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