From The Drivers Seat Of Doc Quinn
(Over 3-1/2 million accident free miles)


With more than 3/4 (three quarters) of my live spent as a truck driver wondering America's highways I proudly state that I have never been involved in a chargeable nor a non chargeable accident.

With this to my credit I'm sharing with you things I have seen that will and have been the main reason (s) for truck drivers being involved in accidents. These items easily draw a drivers attention and take their eyes OFF THE ROAD!

So Drivers, Pay Heed, Keep A Close Eye Out For Theses Type Of Distractions And Good Luck!!!

BTW - The guitar work you are listening to is that of none other than "The Big Red Blues Dawg", Mr. Cliff Houck. Cliff told me if I was to ever build anything like this to without any doubt be sure to include him on the page so, here ya' go with a good lesson about the #1 cause of truck driver's accidents along with some kick ass guitar by my Blues Brother, Cliff Houck!

Once again drivers, keep a good eye open for these distractions and be damn sure to keep . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

Both Hands On The Wheel

"Main Distractions That Cause Accidents"

A 1/2 billion dollar government funded study claims it's cell phones, that's BS. Another Gov. way over funded study claim's it's drinking and driving, that's also BS. Yet, another Gov. funded study blames it on unsafe trucks and the DOT jumped all in that one but, it's also BS. Now, at NO COST to the Gov., here is the REAL DEAL!

The main distraction for truck driver's having accidents now follows . . . Pay Heed Drivers!


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