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Whata' Fool

Some sucka done stole my mojo
he gots away with my woman too
some sucka done run off with my mojo
that fool he took that woman too
 what that sucka don't know is
that mojo won't keep her true
Some lowdown dirty sucka stole my monies
he run off with my woman too
some sucka he done stole all my money
he took my woman too
what that sucka don't know
that there monies gonna give him the blues
Some fool done stole my Cadillac (I just waxed it)
he took my woman too
some sucka stole my nice black shiny Cadillac
he run off with my woman too
 what that sucka don't know
there's three payments on that Cadillac past due
Now that dirty lowdown sucka stole my guitar
now I can't even play when I sing my blues
that lousy sucka stole my only guitar
he gots my woman too
what that fool don't know is
that Blue Stella Guitar curse has him too
Now that sucka gots my Blue Stella Guitar
and he gots that cheating woman too
that sucka gots all of my monies
he gots my shiny black Cadillac car too
but what that sucka dont know
he stole my bad luck mojo
Whata' Fool

Copywrite: Doc Quinn



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