Hughie Green, TV Star, hears radio report of Crashed Saucer

confirmed in letters to Nabil Shaban

In 1995, as a member of the research committee of the British UFO Research Association (BUFORA), I was asked to track down Hughie Green, a TV personality, famous for his 1950s and 1960s shows - "DOUBLE YOUR MONEY" and "OPPORTUNITY KNOCKS" {he was also famous for his catch-phrase "...and I mean it, most sincerely, folks..."). It seems that he was on record as claiming that he knew something about the alleged "saucer crash" in New Mexico (Roswell?) in the 1940s. Because of my connections with the world of Show-Biz, BUFORA thought I was best placed to pursue this investigation.... After a few red herrings I was able to track down Hughie Green and wrote to him -

I wrote another letter to Mr. Hughie Green, hoping to arrange a face-to-face meeting to discuss what he wrote about the 1957 Tucumcari landing, and what he had been told when he'd visited the Wright Patterson AFB. But he never responded.

Meanwhile I reported back to the then Director of Research, Steve Gamble, the correspondence so far and he was astonished that Green mentioned a "1957 crash" when the Flying Saucer Review has an interview with him in a 1955 edition - two years previous! And in that article, Green definitely talks about a June 1947 new Mexico crash. Steve kindly sends me copies of that 1955 FSR interview with Hughie Green and I send a copy to Mr. Green asking for an explanation....

I find it interesting that Green's reply was short and sharp and seemingly quick to pick up my suggestion of a typing error - i.e. in his first letter to me he had intended to type 1947 and not 1957. The letter was brief and acquiescent because I think he wanted to get me off his back. He didn't want to discuss his experience of the "Crashed Saucer" any further.

It seemed in the beginning that he wanted to distance himself from the Roswell Incident and so refered to 1957 crash but when I showed him that I had on record evidence of him claiming to have heard on the radio in 1947 of the New Mexico story, then he allowed a small confirmation of what BUFORA had originally heard about him.

As I had Mr. Hughie Green's home address in London, my next plan was to personally call on him, probably on a Sunday afternoon, as that was likely to be a good time to catch him....

Unfortunately, he died soon after, before I had a chance.

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