Tao and the Art of Drowning

a performative embodiment and application of the Tao te Ching through music, theatre, singing, dance, video , Spoken Word and balloons. Special guest : French singer/dancer Ines Andrade. + presentation of the accompanying artist book/text (designed by Lynda Sherman & Dolphin (Julie Trahan)

My "baby" is finally here.


What does it mean to live in a fragile temporary human body?

Vital Statistics

Date of birth: Oct 29, 2006
Time: 8:00 pm
Place: Velocity Dance Center 915 E Pine St # 200 Seattle, WA 98122 (206) 325-8773


The project is about metamorphosis and finding joy. It's been or will be a 16 - month journey of swimming, writing, dancing, sound and video editing, but all combined with reflection. Lots of changes: symbolized by reclaiming the name my parents gave me, Julie. What we call ourselves and each other has much to do with our perceptions and who we are. I feel, one month before the presentation that my life is no longer a series of linear chunks, but more of a circle that will cycle continuously. Being a whole person takes more effort than letting oneself be divided by inner and outer judgments, but I am honored to share the beauty of being who I am with others. My hope is that others will enjoy my work and take on the challenge for themselves.

Wu Wei translates from Chinese as literally 'no action'. This isn't what it means though as no action while swimming leads to drowning. Rather it speaks to the way one can best get to the other side of the pool without getting water in one's nose, crashing into everyone else's lane and without panicking about realizing one's feet don't touch the bottom.

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