Canadian Airlines DC-10-30
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Canadian Airlines DC-10-30

Canadian Airlines DC-30-30
Location: Turning onto runway 24R at Dorval Airport, Montréal, Québec, Canada
At the end Canadian Airlines dropped it's last international route out of Montreal in which they used their own aircraft. They had scheduled two flights a week Toronto-Montreal-Rome and back using either the above DC-10s or Boeing 767-300s. Out of Toronto they they code shared on Alitalia's 747 service to Rome which bypassed Montreal. The photo above is of their old livery. Their final corporate symbol was a large Canadian Snow Goose painted on the tail and part way down the fuselage. It was a revised modern version of one of Canadian Pacific Airline's original Snow Goose symbol from the 1950s and 1960s. Later known as CP Air, Canadian Pacific merged with several other Canadian Airlines, including a well liked charter carrier and later scheduled airline, Wardair, to become Canadian Airlines International. Today in 2003 Canadian Airlines is no more. They were bought up by Air Canada and all their aircraft except the DC-10s were painted over in Air Canada colours and integrated into the AC fleet. Air Canada dropped the Montreal - Rome route shortly afterwards and today it is served by charter flights. Air Canada continues the code share with Alitalia from Toronto. The DC-10 was replaced by the slightly larger and technically ugraded version, the MD-11.. which sold poorly and has since stopped production. Interestingly enough some of CP's DC-10s were sold to Bangledesh Biman Airlines and are today flying passengers out of Dacca on their Asian network. That airline kept the funndamental lines of the above livery and in a sense a little bit of Canadian Airlines still flies far from Canada to this day. Today no manufacturer makes wide bodied trijets and MD-11s are gradually being removed from the fleets of the world. Only Northwest continues to fly the DC-10 but soon it too will be gone and with it an era.

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