Arvo- Afternoon

Ah?- Didnt hear you

Aussies- Australians

Akubra- Australian hat similar to a cowboy hat

AFL- Australian Football league

Ankle Biter - Child

Awesome- Great, wonderful

Apple Isle- Tasmania

Aerial Ping Pong - usually refers to Rugby by Aussie rules fans or vice versa


Barbie - Barbeque

Barney- Fight, argument

Battler- someone considered to be a hard worker but just getting by financially

Bluey - Thick coat

Back o' Burke - way out in no mans land

Black stump - pretty much the same as above

Billy - Tin container used to boil water in the bush

Bludgers - Lazy people

Beaut - Great

Bonza - Real great

Banana benders - Queenslanders

Board Shorts - Knee length shorts a must for Aussie surfers

Booze - Alcohol

Booze Bus - Random breath test vehicle

Boys in Blue - Police

Brekkie - Breakfast

Buck - Australian Dollar

Blundstones - Australian workboot with steel capped toes often worn as casual wear

Bikkies - Biscuits

Bloke - Male

Blowies - Blowflies

Blimey - Ya jokin

Bob's your uncle - Everything will be ok



Chook - Chicken

Chick - Woman

Chewie - Chewing Gum

Chrissie - Christmas

Cripes - Your joking

Cooee - A call used out in the bush

Cobber - Friend , mate

Chinwag - Talk , gossip

Chunder - vomit

Chick magnet - Attracts females

Cricket - A sport the Aussies love to beat the poms at

Crikey - Ya jokin

Crook - Ill

Cascade - Brand of Australian beer

Come on - Give me a go

Have a captain cook at this - Have a look at this


Drongo - Silly person

Dip - Swim

Digger - Australian or New Zealand soldier

Dingo - Wild dog

Dodgy - Suspicios, not right

Dinky Di - Genuine , the real thing

Dunny - Outside toilet

Dag - Silly person



Esky - Portable container with handles used to carry food and drinks to keep cool .

Earbash - Talk to much




Fair go - Give me a chance

Fat chance - No chance

Fossick - scavenge , hunt

Footy - AFL or Rugby League Football

Four X - Brand of Austrlalian beer

Fosters - Same as above

Flannel - Flanelette shirt



Galah - Actually a bird but used to describe a silly person

Garbo - Often referred to a garbage bin or a person that collects garbage for a living

G'day - Hello

Grog - Alcohol

Good on ya - Job well done

Grouse - Good



Hoon - Idiot Driver

Have a go - Come on out with it

Hard Yakka - Hard work

Hooroo - See ya later


In ya dreams - Wishful thinking




Joey - Baby Kangaroo

Jumbuck - Sheep



Kicked the bucket - Died

Kip - Sleep , Nap

Kiwi - Person from new Zealand

Knackered - Tired , worn out



Loo - Toilet



Mongrel - Bad person

Missus - Wife ,girlfriend

Mullett - Hairstyle

Moron - Stupid person

Mallies - People that hang out in city malls

Mozzies - Mosquitoes



Norm - Lazy Person

No worries - It will be ok

Not the full quid - An unintelligent person



Outback - Remote parts of Australia

Oz - Australia



Pollies -  Politicians

Pork chop - considered to be a cry baby

Poms - People from England

Pie - Although Australians eat many different types of pies the Meat pie is very popular and is usually covered with tomato sauce.

Pavlova - Sweet desert usually covered in lashings of whipped cream and fruit.

Pal - Mate

Perve - Gaze at the opposite sex

Postie - Mail man or lady

Pull your head in - mind your own business




Quack - Doctor



Ratbag - Silly person

Roo - Kangaroo



Sheila - Girl

Slab - Carton of beer

Stubbie - small bottle of beer

Six pack - 6 pack of stubbies (small beers)

Stickybeak - Nosey person

Squizz - Have a look

Sunnies - Sunglasses

Surfies - People who surf all the time

Swag - Bed rolled up and carried over shoulder

Singlet - Sleeveless and collarless shirt usually worn with the shorts and thongs.

Strewth - You are joking , blimey

Shoot through - Leave without warning

Sanga - Sandwhich

Sheez - Come on

Snags - Sausages

Sparkie - An electrician


Taswegian - Person from Tasmania

Thongs - Rubber footwear a must for any summer outfit

Togs - Bathers

True Blue - 100 % dinky di, genuine

Tucker - Food

Trakkie daks - Favorite Australian casual wear worn for comfort not style.

Ta - Thank you

Tinnies - Cans of beer.


Ute - Utility with a tray on the back to carry goods ,livestock etc or just the tinnies.



Vegemite - A must in any Aussie pantry, Vegemite is a yeast extract we spread on our toast most like it spread thinly with lots of butter MMM...

Veggies - Vegetables or silly people



Windbag - Person who talks to much and exaggerates.

Whinge - Moan , complain

Wowser - Showoff

Walkabout - Go missing

Wharfie - Person who works on the docks for a living.

Woop Woop - Far Far away




Ya - You

You lil Bewdy - Great ,wonderful , very happy

Yakka - Hard work

Yanks - Americans

Yobbo - Silly Person



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