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Hello and welcome to The Dog Channel. This site was created for, what else, dogs!! All dogs, purebred or not. This site was just made, so to really get it running, I'll need your help. Go check everything out, enter your dog in the Dog of the Month, and email me, telling me what's wrong, what's right and what should be added. Thanks for stopping by and have fun!!

  • Help Wanted- Go here to read how you can help me get this site running. There are lots of things I don't know how to do!!

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  • Teach-A-Trick- Teach your dog a fast fun trick!! Learn a new one every couple weeks.

  • Show Dogs- Is your dog a purebred show dog?? Well, here is the place to show it off.

  • Links- Links, links, and more links. I've got every kind of dog link possible here. Add your link too.

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