Battlespire, originally intended to fill the gap between the releases Daggerfall and Morrowind, was a much more focused RPG that concentrated on action rather than the inticate plotting and guild interaction which was the strength of the earlier Arean and Daggerfall. It was also an attempt to prove that a small, tightly focused game could be completed within six months by a small team. In our case the team totalled 6 people and when all was said and down it really took 9 months. 

I was involved in modelling and animating all the monsters and characters, interface design, Box-cover design, Manual design, sale sheet design, texture work and was lead artist on the project and also Art director for Bethesda at the time. It was a very busy time for all of us but by the end of the project we had formed a very good working team. 

To the left is the cover I designed for Battlespire Originally it belonged to an animation designed for the intro of Battlespire. The Daedra Seducer that is pictured on the cover would end the animation by rising from a crouched position and holding the Battle-scythe blade aloft, whilst unfolding her wings. Unfortuantely after the animation was almost completed Bethesda decided they would use an outside company, XL Translab, now merged with Bethesda, for the animation in the game. As with all my Battlespire graphics it was done using Alias, on an SGI. 

Characters The characters and monsters were all built, textured and animated using Alias. Click on the graphic to the left to view more of them.

Image copyright Bethesda Softworks

Textures I was responsible for most of the texture work in Battlespire.We tried to create a dark and realistic looking environment. Click on the image to the right to see a larger version

Image copyright Bethesda Softworks

Screen Shots A sample of screen shots taken from the gamee work in Battlespire.We tried to create a dark and realistic looking environment. Click on the image to the right to view larger versions.

Image copyright Bethesda Softworks


Click HERE to go to Bethesda's own Batttlespire page, where you can find more animations, screen shots (with samples of my texture work), and information from Battlespire. You may also notice some similarity in design to the Introduction page of this site, I was responsible for some of Bethesda's Battlespire design also.