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Welcome to my new FoxTrot fan page. As a devoted reader for about 3 or 4 years, I've made Jason, Paige, Peter, Quincy and the others a part of my daily life. To be more truthful, this is because I read it every morning while eating breakfast. I've grown to love every Jason scheme, every baseball-beaning Peter gets, and every hopeless crush Paige has had (not to mention the beatings from Jason). I hope all you people out there who are thinking "FoxTrot?! What the heck is that?" will become just as big a fan of the strip as I am. Thanks, Bill Amend, for introducing FoxTrot into the lives of America (of course, it's syndicated, so thanks for introducing it into all of the other numerous countries on this planet).

Without Further Ado...Meet the Foxes
Jason may seem to be your average 10-year-old fifth-grader, but looks can be decieving. The youngest of the Fox siblings, Jason is also the smartest--way too his smart for his, or his family's, good. His hobbies include tormenting his sister Paige and hatching up devious schemes, such as constructing an 82-story comic book store in his backyard, filling in for cartoonists as a (very crude) substitute artist, and turning a simple school book report into a multimedia presentation complete with everything...except a report on the book. His future plans even include world domination. As Andy Fox once put it, "It amazes me, Jason, how cute you were as an infant..." Despite these facts, Jason has a love for math, science, and >ick< school. He's even evolved to be the most popular character. What's the secret to his success? Who knows?
Paige is the middle sibling of the Fox family at age 14. She, like most girls her age, enjoys shopping, talking on the phone for endless hours, and reading the latest issue of Cosmo. Paige has spent nearly the entire 14 years of her existence to get a date, and has rarely succeeded. It makes sense, since she can't even cook, much less heat up a bowl of canned soup (she ended up causing the can to explode in the microwave). Paige spends most of her time running away from Jason, beating up Jason, running away from Jason, beating up...well, you get the picture.
Peter is the oldest Fox sibling, and is a high school junior with an inflated ego. Peter is much like any 16-year-old; he's got a bottomless stomach, loads of hormones, belches out musical notes, dances in his underwear to George Michael records, and...well, maybe not that. Peter is also a procrastinator to the extreme, who once tried to write a essay on "Moby Dick" in 2 and a half hours before it was due...and he hadn't even read it. What seem to be his only talents are eating his age in Thanksgiving platefuls and getting beaned repeatedly while unsuccessfully trying out for sports teams. Despite these seemingly useless traits, Peter does have a unique taste in women, which has nabbed him a blind girl named Denise Russo.
Roger, the father who works at Pembrooke Associates, is the classic comic strip father---complete wimp. He's bald, chubby, and a complete goober, and those are all his good points. Roger does have a few talents, though--he can break a computer just by touching it and nearly destroy the entire house by forgetting to run the dishwasher correctly. What Andy sees in him is definitely a big mystery, except for one little thing---he is lovable.
Andy ("Andrea")
Andy, the mother, writes a column called "On the Home Front" for the newspaper, and is the sanest of the Foxes. She's more sensible, is an English major, and less likely to break a computer by touching it or firing a model rocket in the house. However, she does have one little talent that makes her a bit insane---her cooking. Not that she fails to cook correctly, like Paige or Roger, but the fact that she likes to prepare healthy foods like lima bean pizza or tofu casserole. She's also been known to outlaw gravy and salt at the dinner table.

Look for a Quincy portfolio coming soon!

The Newest FoxTrot Treasury is Here!

Camp FoxTrot is the newest treasury in the FoxTrot book collection, and features comic strips from the anthologies Come Closer, Roger, There's a Mosquito on Your Nose and Welcome to Jasorassic Park. Witness Jason and Marcus at summer camp! Witness the Foxes get eaten alive by mosquitoes at Skeeter Falls! And witness more hilarity and laughs than Bill Amend has brought before! Camp FoxTrot is available at most book stores at the cover price of $12.95.