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The initial membership fee in the Brantley Association of America is $16.50.  When one joins the association he/she becomes a member for life.  While membership dues have been routine in the past, no membership dues for the calendar year 2002 will be assessed except for the Ambassador List shown below.   We are hopeful that the contributions of dedicated members and kinsman, along with publication sales, will provide the necessary funds to maintain the association. (See Ambassador List below)

Memberships are classified as "active" or "inactive." If a member does not pay dues for a given year, when dues are assessed, that member is considered "inactive" and will not receive correspondence.


Membership in the association entitles one to: 


 Name search from our computer files


Certified* re-constructed record of the arrival of Edward Brantley to America (on Parchment)


Certified* lineage information to the extent known to the association 


Family group sheets for at least 3 generations with accompanying sources and notes; 


A Membership letter giving details of the association's collection, the identity of the new member's "Key Progenitor" and recommended reports in order of priority dealing with lineage of the joining member.


Discounts on all publications of The Brantley Association

 *(*certified = Brantley Association Seal)

A complete collection of bible records, books, letters, photo collections, reports, videos and wills are available for members for nominal charges.

 Ambassador List

 Any member who uses the Internet and who donates $25 or more to the association will be placed on our "Ambassador List”.  In addition to the items above these members will receive:


 Certified reconstructed will of Edward Brantley   (Calligraphy on parchment)


Direct messages via E-mail regarding all areas of our ongoing research activity.  This will include important member correspondence and all new findings and discoveries on all lines.  


Studies made by Ken during the course of the year dealing with various Brantley progenitors.

Note:  Members not on the Internet may participate in the Ambassador program; however, they will receive the messages through the U. S. Postal Service periodically during the year.

 Members of the association should understand that the association was established as a nation-wide effort to tie together the descendants of Edward Brantley of 1638.  Membership in the association carries the expectation that members consider themselves honor bound to share with the association and it’s members any new information on Brantleys discovered during their own research.



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The Brantley Association is run by Ken Brantley.

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