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Nov 20, 2008: 


I believe I have  completed about 80% of the original draft of the Brantley book:  “The Brantley Family: Preachers, Planters and Pioneers of the South”.


If all goes well, we will likely finish the book in 2009.  We are estimating 508 pages at the present, but expect it to expand to, perhaps, 550 pages before completion.


It is a little early, but I need to get a feel for how many books I should plan in the order.  The books are cheaper, per unit, the more we print, but we do not want to print copies that we may not sell in the next few years.   The capital layout and accumulating interest cost is too much. The number will only slightly exceed the number of commitments.


The book will include genealogy data and history of the entire Brantley family of the United States since the arrival of Edward to Virginia in 1638 through 1900.   It will, in addition, contain charts,  maps, DNA analysis and numerous pages of studies, exhibits, documents and stories.  Pictures of many of the pre 1860 kinsmen will be seen throughout the book.  The index itself will probably be close to 20 pages.   We have entered the text and material in a rather tight format to save pages.  There are narrow margins and while the font size will vary in different areas, they will usually contain times roman at 11 and 10 points.  We say the book is “fully packed”.  The book will be bounded by a top of the line hard cover from the National Library Bindery.


The book, based on the proposed pages and recent estimates, will run about $48.50 + shipping.  Members of the Association will receive a small discount and Ambassadors enrolled for 2 years or more, will automatically receive a 10% discount on, at least, the first book.


What I want to know is if you will want one of these and plan to order them when available.

I would appreciate a response only if you plan to purchase a book or books when completed.  Send an email to and place in the subject line, for example;  “Book yes 2 copies”.    In the text section of the e-mail give us your mailing, e-mail address and phone number

We maintain that the book will contain perhaps the most comprehensive report of an early American family of any to date; addressing in addition to our early forefathers in Virginia,  but basically every man woman and child appearing with the Brantley/ly surname in the US census through 1900, and in many cases through 1910.  All purchaser’s of the book will receive a personal pedigree sheet if he/she provides us with enough information to identify their progenitor living in 1900.


The book is arranged by the states inhabited by our Brantley families.  We start with Virginia, which, of course, was the first state known to be settled by our early ancestors.  While we identify many descendants there, we ultimately refer the reader to other states where most of these descendants migrated.   So the state chapters are basically arranged in the book, in order of the migrations, thereby, with accompanying maps,  and charts, providing  the reader the ability to trace his ancestry both geographically and by lineage.  This is a unusual approach, but it gives the reader/researcher a better picture of the history and movement of his family line.

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