The Lewis Brantley Family Indian Massacre

Lewis Brantley, who came to Wilkes County, Georgia about 1780 from Chatham County, North Carolina was living on what was the "Frontier"  of Georgia in 1813.  The place of his residence by then, was in Morgan County, Georgia.  On November 6, 1813, a band of Creek Indians raided his farm and reportedly killed him, his wife and other members of his family.  The incident brought about much excitement of Georgia residents and resulted in several actions by the Georgia legislature to protect its citizens from other such raids.  This story was common knowledge to Morgan County citizens for over a century, and the site was noted by the Georgia Park Service as the number 2 historic site during the develop of Hard Labor Creek State Park there in the 1930s.  As late as 1965, a plate describing the incident stood in the park at the site of the "Brantley Graves".   For some reason, the site has been lost to Park officials and residents of the area.  Association founder, Kenneth Brantley, launched an extensive study of the matter in 1995.  Many documents and histories related to the incident have been located and compiled into a booklet dealing with the issue.  This booklet now includes, additionally, a genealogy sketch of Lewis and his kinsmen of the area and a complete summary of the study to date.  The search for the site has, in itself, become an intriguing project involving several historians and researchers of the area.  

Note:  Earlier known details were discussed in our 6th report published in 1990.


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