The Florida Times-Union,                       Jacksonville  Sunday June 2 1991





family study


By Leviece Smallwood

Special to the Times-Union

  A remarkable work on the  Brant-

ly family in America   has  been ac-

complished  by   Kenneth  Brantley,

founder and editor of  the  National

Brantley Association. 

  According to this genealogist, who

has an uncommon passion  for  fam-

ily  history,  most  Brantly/leys in the

United States have descended  from

Edward Brantly,  immigrant   to Vir-

ginia in 1638.

   After  decades  of   collecting,  as-

sembling   and   publishing   Brantly

data  on   as   many   Brantly  family

members as possible,  Brantly  made

an historic decision.  He  would,  as

authentically as possible,  record for

posterity, the  documented  perilous

journey of  his 1638   immigrant  an-

cestor on video.

   The  genealogy  sleuth  --  a  flight

standards inspector with the Federal

Aviation  Administration  in Atlanta

-- journeyed to  Isle of Wight Coun-

ty  Virginia  and  re-enacted  his  an-

cestor's   life  through   the  authentic

settings  of   Jamestown   and    Wil-

liamsburg  using  as  background  the

restored  lifestyle of the area.  Brant-

ley,  the only  man  in  the  Southeast

to certify  pilots  in the Lockheed Jet

Star,  took  aerial   views  of  the  St.

James River,   inserting   footage  of

replicas  of  the  type  ships  Edward

sailed on from England.

    Brantley narrated a study  made of

the  route  used  during  the  voyage

from  England  and  the  life  aboard

the small vessel .  Aerial views show

the  actual  farm properties  of  John

Seward, the man Edward served  for

seven  years  as  an  indentured  ser-

vant  and  progressed   to  lands  Ed-

ward  later received  in  1669   from

province Governor William Berkley.

Brantley  captured on  film the  land

where his  immigrant  ancestor  pro-

gressed to a prosperous  farmer  and

landowner.  Brantley used early Vir-

ginia maps  and  recorded   deeds  as

evidence to the pinpointed areas.

   The  narration  continues   through

the re-enactment  of the readings  by

Edward Brantly of his  will  in  1688

and    includes    documentary   high-

lights of the  moving, and often emo-

tional    family   history   during   the


    The  video   includes    movements

of the Brantly family through the cen-

sus    years    detailed     with     maps

through  1860.

  Brantley includes Civil War history

of  the  Brantly  family   involvement

including    the   battlefields    where

kinsman fought and  died,  highlight-

ed with stories of   extreme  sacrifice

and sufferings from Brantly  rebels.

  The  tape  concludes  with  the  ac-

complishments      of       prominent

Brantly/leys of the 1800s.

  The  35 minute  documentary  tape

is $24.50 with $1.50 handling.

  To find out more about the  Brant-

ley Association  ($15 annually),  the

National  Brantley   reunion,  or  the

many publications  on  the  Brantley

family,   write to  Kenneth  Brantley

5245  Moon Rd,   Powder   Springs,

GA 30127.   Phone  (770) 943-4677


1992 Note:  Video was modified:   Now 1 hour long. 

Price until further notice is $19.50 + $1.50 Handling

Membership dues now $8.50