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National Heart Institute Imbaba, Cairo, Egypt

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The National Heart Institute, Imbaba, Cairo, Egypt "NHI"; is one of the first specialized institutes in the Middle East in Cardiology and Cardiac Surgery. Founded in 1965 as a public institute of 25 beds for different types of cardiac surgery. Now the institute consists of two buildings A and B with total 350 beds.

The NHI is a part of the General Organization of the Teaching Hospitals and Institutes "GOTHI".


National Heart Institute

Imbaba, Cairo, Egypt


202 3444092


202 3444065

Emergency Dept:

202 3025022

202 3025044


202 3479893


General Directors:

1- Prof. Hassona SABA, FRCS, FACC

2- Prof. Faiz FAIk, MRCP, FACC

3- Prof. Diaa Eldin Abou SHOKKA, MD, FACC


Department of Cardiac Surgery
Department of Cardiology
Department of Invasive Cardiology
Department of Noninvasive Cardiology
Department of Laboratory Investigations
Department of Cardiac Anesthesia
Department of Cardiac Emergency
Coronary Care Unite
Intensive Care Unite
Department of Outpatient Clinics
Department of Radiology
Department of Rehabilitation and Physical Medicine
Department of Biomedical Engineering


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