Steve in Armageddon

In Armageddon (1998) Steve plays a genious who works as a deep core driller. He works under the best driller, Bruce Willis. With his i.q. he could have practacly any job, but the reason he drills is because he likes it and it pays well. They call him Rockhound because he is always horny acording to Liv Tyler's character. He is always chasing women around and finally hooks up with a stripper near the end of the movie. So Steve and the rest of the crew o in space to drill a hole in an asteroid so they can put a nuke in the middle of it. While in space Rockhound finds a machine gun on their drilling equipment, loses his sanity and starts firing the gun in every direction babbling something about taking the asteroid down by himself. The crew then tape him to a chair where he supposedly regains his sanity and is willing to sacrafice his life for Earth, but thinking he his crazy, Bruce Willis won't let him. Steve gives a great preformance and he probably had the funniest part in the entire movie.

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