Chrysler 26 "Harmony" at the ready in our driveway. Looking at trailered C26 from bow. Winch is approx. 5' off ground. Look close and you can see a narrow boarding ladder I added for climbing up the bow when launching. Only a fool would own a Chrysler - and a damned fool (that's me) owns 2!!
Anchor's set, bimini's up, it's time to relax. The cosy warmth of wood-tone laminates and razor sharp cabinet corners. Love that retro poly plaid and vinyl tuck and roll.
Our first trailer sailor - a MacGregor 25 - at the dock on Prudence Island, Narr. Bay. Chrysler 26 topside living at its best. Note Bimini top. Its an aluminum frame, vinyl Taylor-Made. $199 from West Marine. A shortlived fling with an Arrowhead 25 Trimaran. Neat boat, but needed too much love. It's back with the builder in Warren, RI.
Chrysler 22 "Joyous" in Coggeshall Cove, Narr. Bay at sunset. The whole rig. Long(r) yoke-style roller trailer (6000# capacity) with extended winch stand and homebuilt ladder. Portside view showing discoloration in coaming from old repair. Red and Green lines are halyards led back to cockpit. Bimini frame is mounted to perfed toerail (no holes in deck).
Cockpit shot showing tiller (59.95 from West Marine '97). Backstay with adjuster is lying on floor for towing. It's hurricane season - Do you know where your boat is? (mine's at home on the trailer as usual) On the rocks under Newport Bridge '92. Joy's own berth aboard Harmony.
Forward lower shrouds on Harmony have a quick-release feature of my own design - W.E.D.M.'d from 1/4" 304 stainless steel). Needed for fast set-up of mast. Raising the mast using the B.F.I. method. Person on bow is not assisting, but is wondering whether to call my chiropractor or 911. Shot of mast, boom, mainsail. Main is new this year.
Cockpit shot showing lazaret hatch aft of tiller. Been there, done that. A Bayliner Trophy 23. It's for sale by the way. A shady spot aboard Harmony. The bimini was originally bought for the Mac25. It's been on 3 boats so far.

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