System 1.0

The offical Macintosh Disk Operating System, with built-in Windows Interface.

The system use the Macintosh File System; meaning that Files in Folders were not in sub-directories, but was "Bit-Tagged" to matching folders. There was only 1 Directory root- the main Root Directory. The FAT (File Allocation Table) was not a tree, but rather flat with "bit-tagged" files under their respective folders. Simple, Effective, but messy to repair when disks crashed.

Apple had a system before System 1.0; which was known as MacOS, but didn't released it to the public. It came in either 5.25 and 3.5 inch disks and it was used in the development of the orignal Macintosh hardware and softwre development. A very good find to have...

At the time; there was only 400k- single sided disks, no hard drives or double sided drives. The system, and related applications all fit onto 400K of disk space. For faster Disk I/O, many Mac Users bought the external second disk drives for their systems.

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