Description: A small golden bear, about 22 inches tall. Wears an old red t-shirt.
More Description: Chubby little cubby all stuffed with fluff. A bear of very little brain.
Age: One year younger than Christopher Robin.
Alias: Known to live under the name of "Mr. Sanders".
"It means he had the name (Sanders) over the door in gold letters, and (Pooh) lived under it."
Also Known By These Names: Pooh Bear, Winnie-ther-Pooh, and Edward Bear.
Address: 100 Aker Wood West
Best Friend: Piglet
Favorite Food: Hunny. And more Hunny.
Favorite Things to Do: Play Poohsticks. Adventures with Piglet or Christopher Robin.
Exercise in the Morning. Humming. Thinking up poems and songs.
Find Hunny to Fill the Rumblee in his Tumblee. Visiting Friends who have Hunny.
Honors: Hero. Knighted "Sir Pooh de Bear" by Christopher Robin. Discoverer of the North Pole.
Quotes and Sayings: "Oh, bother.", "Think, think, think."

Description: A Very Small Animal. A timid pink pig, about 10 inches tall.
More Description: Likes to wear a long striped shirt.
Original Address: Trespassers Will, 100 Aker Wood S.W., In a Beech Tree, South of Pooh's House
Current Address: (Lives with Pooh) 100 Aker Wood West
Best Friend: Winnie-the-Pooh
Favorite Food: Haycorns
Favorite Things to Do: Adventures with Pooh
Other Favorite Things: Enjoys bright colors and balloons. Likes to blow dandelions.
Details About His Original Address: Next to Piglet's house is a piece of broken board which reads: "Trespassers W".
What "Treaspassers W" Stands For: Piglet says this was his grandfather's name, and it was short for "Trespassers Will", which was short for "Trespassers William".
What the Sign Said, Before it Broke: "Trespassers Will Be Shot", or "Trespassers Will Be Invited For Dinner". I'm not sure which.
What Happens When He Is Nervous: His ears twitch.
Quotes and Sayings: "Oh, dear! Oh, dear, oh, dearie, dearie, dear!"

Description: A donkey, about 18 inches tall and 27 inches long. Stuffed with sawdust.
More Description: Intelligent and quiet. Keeps to himself. Always depressed.
Address: The House at Pooh Corner, 100 Aker Wood Southeast, Eeyore's Gloomy Place.
Favorite Food: Thistles.
Favorite Things: Being remembered on his birthday.
Things He Hates: Being bounced.
Biggest Problem: His tail keeps coming off.
Second Biggest Problem: His house keeps falling down.

Description: A Very Bouncy Animal, about 23 inches tall. Very active and fun-loving. Looks like a tiger.
More Description: His top is made out of rubber, his bottom is made out of springs.
He's bouncy, trouncy, flouncy, pouncy, fun, fun, fun, fun, fun.
Address: 100 Acre Wood North, (Lives with Kanga and Roo).
Favorite Food: Extract of Malt. Very Fussy Eater. Known to hate hunny, haycorns, and thistles.
Favorite Things to Do: Bouncing! Bouncing! Bouncing!
Other Favorite Things: Playing detective, and doing what Tiggers do best!
Other Talents: Finding his way home in the fog. Locating lost friends.
Wonderful Thing About Tiggers: Tiggers are wonderful things!
The Most Wonderful Thing About Tiggers: "I'm the only one!"
Quotes and Sayings: "That's Re-dikorus.", "Hello, I'm Tigger. Hoo hoo hoo hewooo.",
"T-T-F-N, Ta Ta For Now!"


Description: A rabbit, about 28 inches tall.
More Description: Pushy and decisive. The best speller of all the animals.
Likes to organize things and take charge of group events, even if nothing gets done.
Address: 100 Aker Wood North, Just South of the Sandy Pit Where Roo Plays
Favorite Food: Vegetables
Favorite Thing to Do: Gardening
Other Rabbit Things: Avoiding Pooh at Lunch Time
Things He Hates: Being interrupted while engaged in any activity. Being bounced.
Number of Family Members: 17, by Rabbit's count.
Number of "Friends & Relations": Total count unknown.

Owl Description: Large owl, about 28 inches tall, with a wing span of about 42 inches.
More Description: Speaks eloquently. Everyone thinks he's the wisest.
Spells his own name "WOL", although he can spell "TUESDAY".
("A Very Happy Birthday with love from Pooh.")
Original Address: The Chestnuts, 100 Aker Wood East.
Most Recent Address: The Wolery (Formerly Piglet's House) 100 Aker Wood Southwest.
Favorite Things to Do: Tell stories to guests and anyone who will listen.
Biggest Problem: Sometimes a real bore.

Description: A mother kangaroo, about 30 inches tall.
More Description: Kangaroos are generally regarded as one of the Fiercer Animals.
Even More Description: Carries her family about with her in her pocket.
Address: 100 Aker Wood North
Son: Roo
Favorite Things to Do: Motherly things.

Description: An young kangaroo about 6 years old, and about 10 inches tall.
Address: Kanga's Pouch, 100 Aker Wood North
Best Friend: Tigger
Favorite Food: Enjoys milk. Likes most everything except extract of malt.
Favorite Things to Do: Playing with Tigger. Pooh-sticks.

Description: A gopher, about 15 inches tall.
Gopher More Description: Bricklayer, builder, excavation and demolition expert.
Lacks common sense.
Address: Tunnels under the 100 Aker Wood.
Favorite Things to Do: Work projects.
Biggest Problem: Doesn't look where he is going. Often falls into his own tunnels.
Quotes and Sayings: "I'm not in the book you know."

Small Description: "Small" is short for "Very Small Beetle".
More Description: One of Rabbit's friends and relations.
Address: Thought to be somewhere in a Heffalump trap.
Last Sighting: Piglet found Small crawling on Pooh's back.
Best Friend: Rabbit.

Alexander Beatle Description: A beetle, who is afraid of danger.
More Description: One of Rabbit's friends and relations.
Address: Lives with his Aunt in the 100 Aker Woods.
Best Friend: Rabbit.
Other Relations Mentioned by Name: Henry Rush, Smallest-of-all (S. of A.), Early, and Late.

Description: Hostile Animal. Comes in every shape and size and color. Often Elephant-shaped.
More Description: Feared by residents of the 100 Aker Woods.
Address: 100 Aker Woods. Rarely seen.
Best Friend:: The Woozle.
Favorite Thing to Do: Steal hunny.
Favorite Food: Pooh's Hunny.
How To Catch One: Build a Cunning Trap, like a Very Deep Pit, and use Hunny for bait. Or if you are like Pooh and love hunny so much that you can't stand the thought of using real hunny as bait, then use yellow cheese (because it looks like hunny) and put it in a jar marked "Hunny".
How to Get It Home If You Catch One: Lead it home by a string, or it may come if you whistle.

Description: Hostile Animal. Comes in every shape and size and color. Often Weasel-shaped.
More Description: Feared by residents of the 100 Aker Woods.
Address: The East Pole, 100 Aker Woods. Rarely seen.
Best Friend:: The Heffalump.
Favorite Thing to Do: Steal hunny.
Favorite Food: Pooh's Hunny.
Why They Are Feared: They nibble fur off of other animals to make nests for their young.

Description: Hostile Animal. A close kin to Woozles.
More Description: Often travel with Woozles. Has a different paw print.
Feared by residents of the 100 Aker Woods.
Address: 100 Aker Woods. Rarely seen.

Description: Hostile Animal. One of the fiercer animals. Looks something like a jaguar.
More Description: Feared by residents of the 100 Aker Woods.
Address: 100 Aker Woods. Very rarely seen.
What Jagulars Do: They hide in the branches of trees, and drop on you as you go underneath.
How Jagulars Trap You: They call 'Help! Help!' and then when you look up, they drop on you.

Description: Hunny Bees
Why It Buzzes: "The only reason for making a buzzing noise is because you're a bee."
Why It's A Bee: "The only reason for being a buzzing sort of bee is to make hunny."
Pooh's Reason Why It Makes Hunny: "Is for me to eat it."
Address: 100 Aker Woods North.
Favorite Things to Do: Buzz and Make Hunny.

Christopher Robin

Christopher Robin

Description: A boy about 46 inches tall. Dresses appropriately for the prevailing weather.
More Description: Master of the 100 Aker Woods.
Address: Top of the Forest (High Ground), 100 Aker Wood East.
Best Friends: Winnie-the-Pooh, Piglet, Eeyore, Tigger, Rabbit, Owl, Kanga, and Roo.
Favorite Food: Birthday cake.
Favorite Things to Do: Helping his friends with their problems.
Other Favorite Things: Hosting birthday and hero parties outside his house.
What He Likes to Do Best: "Nothing" (meaning nothing in particular, free time).
Quotes and Sayings: "Silly old Bear."

Here is a map of the 100 Aker Wood.


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