i dream of you, always...

I see her face
Before my eyes.

Her visage floats
Through my poor head
Rendering me
Totally defenseless.

And so this page is birthed, out of spontaneous thought, from an undefinable impusle. I was looking at the awesome Amber Michelle's web page, "Guardian Angels", when I felt that the temptation to stay away from the realm where one can preach free thought is too overwhelming to confine. I reach into the crowded bookshelf behind my computer, nearly knocking down my unused game card, nearly toppling the CD carrying case, in order to reach for my dusty, neglected book, "Que's HTML Quick Reference guide". Never mind that it's only old HTML 3.2.

HTML makes a page. And I have made this page.

Elly, I hope you can be proud of me, and I'll work hard every day to make sure that this page becomes worthy to bear your name.

Recent Changes, April 1, 2001:
Holy shitting fuck, I've been using the 30-day trial version of CuteFTP 2.6 for 585 days. That's a DAMN LONG TIME! Holy man.

Yeah, and this site's been down for at least six months or so (on Portal of Evil, a guy complained in June that the site was down). Well, that's what you get when Tripod and Lycos and Guestworld all merge together. They throw all the hilariously funny, scary shit into the fan. I didn't even think I had this web page anymore, but it turns out that it's on a CD when I backed up my hard drive a couple summers ago.

Too bad, it would have been nice for people to get a few more laughs out of this page.

Anyway, it's back up for your viewing pleasure. This page is pretty sad, isn't it? Elly should piss on my head for making it. I threw it together in a few hours. My girlfriend told me that writing poetry and using double the words I usually did would get people viewing this page, too. But I don't think anyone else has DARED to put up an Elly fan site after seeing this one.

My girlfriend loves poetry. It's the only way she'll met me tie her up.

The Things that People Say About This Page (and me)
Portal of Evil
Type "Elly" in the top search box. They even have a forum! That's so sweet of them to do that for me. I'm glad someone supports me in this lonely, tiresome venture.

The Woman
Who She is, where she comes from.
Why I Love You.

The Art
Art by those at Squaresoft,
who created the character I want and need
Art by People
who Can Show Elly in all her splendor
Art by me...
oh, I cry every day when I think of how I cannot draw you, Elly.

The Stories
The Stories about Elly The Poems Dedicated To Elly

Other Elly Tributes
Elehayym Van Houten ~ Crystal Waters Guardian Angels
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