Surfing the Webrings

Expect to see some changes in these pages over the next few weeks. Many of the webrings I belonged to were hosted by, which has been bought out by Yahoo. I am not impressed so far with Yahoo's handling of the webrings, and I object strenuously to ANY information about my visitors being logged by Yahoo, anonymously or not. So, as I receive the automated email from Yahoo telling me that my site has been removed, the webring will be removed from these pages. I will remain in the sites which move from Yahoo to another host, and perhaps find some new ones.
In the meantime - happy surfing!

Page One
Witchhaven: A Haven for Witches
Web Mistress Web Ring
The Ring of the Moon
Cycle of the Moon
The Place to Remember

Page Two
Witches Web Ring
Goddess Circle
Circle of Spiritual Women
Fellowship of the Earth
Witchy Woman Network

Page Three
The Wiccan Ring
Celtic Pagan Ring
Circle in the Grove
Purple Pages for Pagans Web Ring


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