Meet Elspeth Stormdancer Family Portrait
Hubby and I still look the same; needless to say, Sarah has grown a bit since this was taken!

My vital stats: 37 years old, 5'9' tall and hrmph pounds…I have dark brown hair with red highlights and brown eyes. Elspeth is the Old English form of my name. After I had chosen it as a Craft name, my father told me that he had wanted to name me Elspeth when I was born, but my mother didn't like it! When I started running into more Elspeth's, I added the name Stormdancer. I have always loved storms, and throughout my somewhat stormy life I have always kept dancing!

I was born July 21, 1965 in Princeton, New Jersey, the daughter of a loosely druid college professor and a nurse. When I was only a few months old, we moved to Ohio where my father took up a teaching position at Kent State University. My brother was born there in 1969. I went to an experimental school for university kids for a few years, then to the mainstream schools. My folks always expected me to go to college, so I did-in fact I went to several! I studied French, history, political science, communications, and medicine; but there were just too many things that interested me!

I met my husband in 1993 when I was the manager of a fish and chips shop. (Which is especially funny when you realize that he hates fish!) It was love at first sight. I gave him free food, he called back to ask me out, and we moved in together 2 months later. We've been married now for 6 years, have a beautiful 5 year old daughter named Sarah, and just had our second child, a boy named David Martin, in July 2000. (To hear about Davey's exciting entry into the world, click here!We have two cats, a 7 year old black Manx named Gidget and a 2 year old tortie named Patches, and an 8-month-old part Husky, part Shepherd puppy named Trixie.

We've just moved back to Ohio from a very small town in northern Illinois-so small that we did't even have a stoplight! We live in a city which was just the focus of a lawsuit by the ACLU because there was a Bible and a cross in the city seal; they had to remove the cross but were allowed to keep the Bible. We are in the midst of remodeling a suburban bilevel; once we're done with the inside (are you ever really done remodeling?) we'll work on turning the outside into a lush though small garden. Hubby is a sysadmin for a manufacturing company, and I currently work full-time in our local legal aid office.

My gorgeous daughter!

Sarah, all dressed up and ready for a Children's Ballet production of "Cinderella!" She was very proud of her pretty dress, and very conscious of wearing her Gramma's ring!

My father was sort of a non-liturgical Druid-he taught us respect for the earth but we didn't do any rituals or anything. My grandmother is incredibly Christian, and it distressed her no end to see us being raised without the benefits of Christianity. She used to send us children's books in which the whole family converted after an accident or something. When I was 18 I became a Catholic. I had been searching for some definition of my spiritual beliefs, and Catholicism was very comforting in that it told me exactly what I should believe. However as I grew and studied, I became very uncomfortable with the contradictions in the Bible and in the religion itself, and also with the role prescribed for women. (Shut up, do what you're told, and have babies!) I left the church a few years later. I tried a non-denominational church called "The Chapel" but was appalled at the commercialism. So I went back to the "Old Ways!" A few years later I found Laurie Cabot's book "Celebrate the Earth" and was amazed at how much of my own views were in it. Next came Scott Cunningham's "Living Wicca" and I was off! I am a voracious reader anyhow, so it was no time at all before I had amassed a huge bookshelf!

I am a solitary, by necessity as well as by nature, and my tradition is an eclectic mixture of anything I read about that I liked! Mostly Celtic, though; I have a lot of Celtic ancestry and that seems to be what calls to me the most. I am studying shamanism, divination, and magickal herbalism. I also hope to include some of the Native American practices, as I have some Indian blood.

In the future we hope to build our own home-a timber-framed cottage in the middle of as many acres as we can get! My dream job is to opwn my own needlecrafting shop…have a HUGE garden …and keep learning and reading everything I can get my hot little hands on!

Sarah and Mommy Making cookies
Sarah and MommyMaking Ostara cookies


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