Elfquest E-Mail Addresses

I know this sort of humor has been done before, but I figured, "Why not try it myself? Besides, nobody's tried it for Elfquest." So here goes another file of sillyness... hope you like it. Oh, and these "addresses" date from different periods of time in the EQ universe.

Cutter: bloodof10chiefs@thornymountain.org
Skywise: stargazer@palace.net
Strongbow: silentarcher@thornymountain.org
Leetah: healer@howlingrock.org
Jethel: chief@newholt.org
Chot: hungryelf@newholt.org
Venka: lostdaughter@goback.net
Lehrigen: elfhunter@citadel.gov
Teir: beastbonder@howlingrock.org (recently expired)
The Ahnessa: ahnessa-sor@portbane.gov
Winnowill: venovel@citadel.gov (expired)
Jink: whitehair@rebel.net

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