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Yeah, yeah, that heading is a little too silly. Then again, this section is meant for the diehard Elfquest fanboy. Have you ever thought you had a chance with a character? Well, before you attempt that self-insertion fanfic, check this out... my only-slightly-biased new humor piece...

Elfquest Love Prospects


Physical: Buff, tough, and rough, when he wants to be. Females love him, and he has no trouble finding lovemates (but see Competition). His facial hair gives him a more mature look, but this has its downside as well (see Personality).

Mental/Moral/Spiritual: For a while, Cutter was something of a liberal - refer to the "live forever" quote from _Book 1_. But since he learned of his true nature in _Book 4_, he's been surprisingly rational and conservative. He is intelligent in Wolfrider matters, but his more recent experiences have almost driven him insane. And though a pleasantly spiritual elf, some of his philosophies can be annoying to those who don't like conflict or arguments.

Personality: Well, this is where it gets sticky. Five hundred and twelve turns (plus a damn long time in a Preserver cocoon) separated from his family have definitely changed Cutter. He could only admit to Rayek that his viewpoint has become like that of a human: a painfully acute sense of time. If you're a Wolfrider, good luck. Sun Folk and Gliders won't have it any easier coping with this, and all of you Go-Backs will get headaches trying to deal with his brooding side. (Though Cutter has some platonic relationships with humans and trolls, anything more is out of the question!) Even so, he has not lost his adventurous and silly sides - but those aspects of him can be awfully hard to find.

Competition: Leetah, Skywise, Ember, Suntop, Nightfall, Redlance, Kahvi, Winnowill, and any number of humans. He is Recognized to Leetah, and that bond just isn't going to disappear. Skywise is his soul-brother, but at least the stargazer has a less tense side. If somehow Cutter started seriously lovemating with someone else, the cubs might take it badly - especially Ember, with her massive Electra complex. Nightfall and Redlance also fit into the equation, and they're not bad fighters either. Of course, Cutter has more than his share of enemies: Kahvi (who is MIA), Rayek (who did absorb Winnowill for him...), and potentially thousands of humans. Good luck.

Skills: A fast, powerful fighter, Cutter can dazzle anyone with his abilities. He's lost nothing to age. He also seems to do most of his own hunting.

Joining: Cutter will lovemate with most anyone who's willing, but he's a cold fish if you go solo with him. (Heck, even Venka said so, in _Book 8_.) If Leetah, Skywise, or any significant other are there, things will improve, but you're gonna hafta wait your turn!

Overall: Not Worth It. Hard to catch, harder to hold.

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Physical: Though he's still fairly young, most elves wouldn't hold that against him. Skywise is considered quite attractive, even (especially?) without the headpiece. Mind you, he's not a Wolfrider any longer.

Mental, Etc.: Very intelligent, even if his knowledge is primarily related to astronomy and life among the Wolfriders. Since he grew up as a Wolfrider, he is relatively unconcered with such silly ideas as "future" or "past." His decisions are sometimes made presumptively - after all, he had his wolfblood removed on an assumption. This may have bad implications for some.

Personality: Though usually funny and daring, Skywise may wear out anyone who isn't used to his type of living. He is more morose as a pureblood, but that was a given. In his distant past, he had to deal with the deaths of his parents and a lovemate, but that's nothing compared with his voluntary separation from Cutter. Are you prepared to empathize? His carefree mindset could hurt a lifemating - see also Competition.

Competition: Cutter and family, Aroree, Timmain, several Sun Folk females, Yun. This is the soul-brother of Cutter you're dealing with, so don't critique their relationship. As for Aroree... she's not vengeful, but make sure she finds someone else to cling to. Timmain has an odd fancy for the stargazer, and I wouldn't get in her way if I were you. Skywise was also a lovemate to a few Sun Villagers, but they have probably forgotten him, if they are even still alive. Yun, though, is an exception case. She was not desperate to meet her sire (which says something about Go-Back culture), but she may have a hidden Electra complex - what else can you make of her Mender fling? Basically, getting to Skywise is an obstacle course, but when you get there, everything's wonderful!

Skills: He specializes in a blend of astronomy and astrology. Skywise no longer has an affinity for wolves, but he knows his way around modern Wolfrider life. A good fighter.

Joining: Never Recognized, the relationships Skywise has may be a bit shallow. But believe me, few elves have shied from trying to Recognize him. Until then, make sure you're in a safe place first.

Overall: Worth A Shot. Just tell Timmain how thankful you are.

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Physical: Not exactly young, but still stunning and fashionable. She has been known to goof around in the duff, but any unwanted elf who happened to look would get it much worse than Peeping Tom. Healing often gets her pumped, which could be good or bad. She's also rather dextrous, so don't try anything stupid.

Mental, Etc.: This is Sun-Toucher's daughter and the ex-lovemate of Rayek that you're dealing with. She's therefore intelligent, though not much of a leader. Leetah's spiritual strength is to bind together. She has learned the difference between heroism and "big mistakes," so don't tell her what to do.

Personality: Raised like a stereotypical princess, Leetah tends to have a high opinion of herself. Often driven by passion, she is sensitive to pain. Because of her status as healer, she demands that the right choices be made, and has been known to complain if they're not made.

Competition: Cutter, Rayek, Skywise, Suntop, Ember, Nightfall, Redlance, Shenshen, Winnowill, Zhantee, and various other Sun Folk. The rivalry between Cutter and Rayek over Leetah is legendary, so try not to start it all over again. Skywise, though, works with Leetah for her power and emotional support (both examples can be found in _Book 8_), though there might be more to them. It's hard to say which twin hangs more on to his/her mother, but both do to some extent. Nightfall has been Leetah's friend for quite some time, though Redlance is relatively new to her. Any competition between Leetah and Shenshen has ended, but they are still sisters. Naturally, Winnowill just wants her dead. But though Zhantee and (most of?) the Sun Folk Leetah took care of are deceased, she hasn't forgotten them. ...That's a lot of rivalry for one healer!

Skills: Leetah won't rescue you in every situation, but she is the best healer around. From a considerable amount of practice, she has good sending powers, but I'm surprised that she hasn't made more of that knife-tossing ability.

Joining: Not at all pleasant if she doesn't like you. She just about totally ignored Rayek for many turns, and Cutter didn't have it easy at first. Ask Nightfall and Redlance for some tips.

Overall: Not Worth It. But if she takes the initiative...

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Physical: Nobody's complaining. His fashion sense is a bit odd at times, especially after that "growth spurt" (Volume Two 8, "Rogue's Curse"), but that's the wandering life. Though not weak, Rayek relies heavily on his powers to float and basic survival skills, rather than combat.

Mental, Etc.: He taught himself hunting, and could beat any Sun Folk at lore and desert knowledge. Socially, he's a loner, and though he knows of many societies and cultures, he does not truly belong to any of them. He's also posessed by the most notorious villain of the World of Two Moons, which has corrupted and crippled him.

Personality: Reputed for his pride, intelligence, and sheer audacity, Rayek is hardly likable. His relationship with Leetah was difficult at best, and his only trusted friend is Ekuar. The polar opposite of Cutter, his personality is often driven by Winnowill.

Competition: Winnowill and her alone - but she'll be enough trouble to last anyone hundreds of turns. NOT recommended if you're human. Most fellow elves would have just as much difficulty dealing with Rayek's schizophrenia. If you're still willing, get ready for a fight at any moment. (Ekuar might be considered competition, but he'd probably be the one protecting you from Winnowill.) The lovers in Rayek's past - Leetah, Kahvi, and Sherla - figure in somewhat, so do your research.

Skills: Through the roof! Rayek could knock an eight of Wolfriders off their feet. Not only that, he can float objects of almost any size, and could once manipulate the Palace. Unfortunately, he sometimes has to, or is forced to, use Winnowill's powers, which nearly always turn back on Rayek. Don't get on his - or her - bad side!

Joining: Don't.

Overall: Not Worth It. Even if you can resist Winnowill better than Venka, don't bother.

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Physical: Cute as a cub, but fairly attractive as an adult. A general rule of good fashion for her would be "the more clothes, the better."

Mental, Etc.: No longer as fussy or irritable as she once was (HY 4), Ember is finally an intelligent, responsible Wolfrider. She has held two mini-tribes together reasonably well, and she even does a good job when faced with danger from the outside. But she doesn't have a "spiritual identity" yet.

Personality: Like any college student, she's had her flings and off-days. Generally optimistic, Ember does not try to fanatically preserve the Way, but still works that idea into her actions. She is, however, having some love troubles of her own, so you might want to come on gently.

Competition: Mender, Teir, and her family. The healer was her first lovemate, and he is still rash and quick to judge. It's possible to reason with Mender, but it's not easy. Teir is much more of an enigma, but he likes Ember in his strange, silent way. He can also be dealt with - just don't insult his wolves. And though Ember's family is scattered, they might be a bit put off if she became lifemated to, say, a troll.

Skills: She has a penchant for getting into near-death situations, and getting pulled out at the last second. Maybe she should brush up on that sword technique. But overall, Ember is a capable fighter and leader. Somehow, she even took Pike's place as storyteller one night (Volume Two 20, Wild Hunt).

Joining: Well, if you can keep Ember busy with Yun, and find something for Teir to do, go for it. She's finally grasping the notion of "beyond the surface," so don't expect an easy female.

Overall: Recommended. You just have to like some challenges.


Physical: Few elves remember when this Wolfrider didn't have facial hair. He's still strong and virile after all these turns, and you don't want to meet the business end of his axe. The only downside is that, like all Wolfriders, he will eventually die - though it probably won't be of old age.

Mental, Etc.: Wise and loyal. He may have forgotten some things due to his Wolfrider mindset, but I wouldn't hold that against him. Treestump has a high position in the tribe. He can be a bit barbarian-like in combat, but he's really a family elf.

Personality: Solid. If you thought Wolfriders were relativists, this one will show you that they don't lack conviction at all. Of course, this can be a downside if you just want a quick or easy relationship, because Treestump's anything but hollow or superficial. See also Competition for another warning.

Competition: Clearbrook, Dewshine, Cutter, Scouter, Rillfisher, and Joyleaf. You really don't want to be up against any of these elves. Clearbrook is his lifemate - though not Recognized, they're very close. Treestump will still step in to defend his daughter, Dewshine. The others are more remotely connected: Cutter's his nephew, Scouter's his step-cub, Rillfisher was his Recognized one, Joyleaf was his sister. Basically, you have to be committed to get close to Treestump.

Abilities: Besides sending, wolfbonding, and some strength as a leader, he has no exceptional abilities. But what were you expecting?

Joining: Don't rush it. This isn't Strongbow we're talking about, but Treestump takes slowly to new situations. He is conservative at heart, so hold off on that "technique" you just learned.

Overall: Worth A Shot.

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Physical: What's there to send? He's not about to weight-lift, but Strongbow is exceptionally fit and dextrous... and he doubtless has a few admirers. (But the living ones keep their devotion secret.)

Mental, Etc.: The best you can say is that Strongbow is very focused. He is a traditional Wolfrider, and he has bonded many wolves. But since he has been chosen as Way-keeper, you DO NOT want to debate tribe politics with him. One of the main advocates of elven family values, he may seem narrow-minded to some, but those "some" apparently haven't seen him in battle (e.g. Book 6). His spiritual life is personal and private, and few others have even glimpsed it.

Personality: As previously suggested, Strongbow has long since taken his place in elven society. He is direct and honest, and rarely uses the indirect route of speech. The archer does not take well to change, and occasionally a show of force is needed to change his mind. Frankly, he will turn off anyone who does not share his views.

Competition: Moonshade, Dart, the Way, the tribe. You're dealing with an elf who's been lifemated to Moonshade (who shares most of his ideas) for hundreds of turns, so don't you dare come on to him! She might relent if you Recognize Strongbow, but even if that happens, it'll be an uphill battle. As for Dart, he's their only living cub. If you had a good record with the jack-wolfriders, you might earn extra points with Strongbow. But you still have to compete against Strongbow's Wolfrider philosophy and the tribe's welfare. Unless something cataclysmic happens, you might not be enough to merit his attention.

Abilities: Expertise in archery, longbow-style, remarkably good sending skills, knowledge of practical geometry, and a good sense of judgment. Plus, he once shot a deer from beyond his own vision, and perfectly adjusted for the terrain. Can't argue with that.

Joining: Even in "social" situations, Strongbow sticks to Moonshade. (Some wonder what happened in Shards 7, but I really, really, really doubt that he could even tolerate Skot and Krim.) Unless you want to cause a world war, stand back!

Overall: Not Worth It. Sorry, but that's how it is.

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Physical: Well... A few elves have found him attractive, but that's a personal thing. He now has facial hair, if that means anything to you. But Pike has average physical abilities, more at a jack-wolfrider level than a true Wolfrider.

Mental, Etc.: This isn't the elf you'd go to for metaphysical debates. Pike doesn't take life too seriously, so he's good for stories and jokes. He fit in quite well with Skot and Krim (and briefly, Shenshen), for he does have some ties to the Go-Back way of thought. Some may call Pike's morals loose, but he knows what regret feels like, and he has been known to take responsibility for his and others' actions. Still, only rarely will he try to teach a lesson (Volume Two 18, Dreamtime).

Personality: Hardly dull or brooding, Pike is a refreshing change in an age of tension and despair. He's always had an affection for dreamberries and their by-products, but he can be a little too silly when drunk. When he makes a mistake, he tries to recover for any damage done (to the best of his ability), which the Wolfriders have impressed on him.

Competition: Krim, Sust, Skot. It's highly probable that Pike is still Krim's lovemate (or maybe even un-Recognized lifemate), so good luck dealing with that relationship. Krim makes for tough competition, mind you. Sust is their cub by default [and don't get me started on that]. The best route to Pike's heart, other than dreamberries, may be to befriend Sust and show it to Pike. And though Skot is several turns dead, he meant a lot to them - watch your mouth. Pike had a lovemate or two in the past, but they've been all but forgotten.

Abilities: His funny insights, general sensitivity to others, and ability to hold a group's attention are pretty much all he has. Hope you're not in this to be impressed.

Joining: Again, Krim is a harsh rival. She's not easily beaten at this. You need genuine affection and determination.

Overall: Worth A Shot. Laughter is the best love potion.

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Physical: She's showed up many an elf and nearly all the humans. Nightfall is attractive as well as strong: she did in several trolls back in Book 4, and has no trouble with self-defense. Her fashion sense is above average, as she can adapt to both times of need and times of peace.

Mental, Etc.: Certainly not stupid, Nightfall is almost a psychologist at times. Back in nights of old, she almost whined about her lifemating to Redlance, but that seems to have been solved with Tyleet. Nightfall is less a mother than a lover, and her passionate nature might overwhelm some.

Personality: Always full of surprises. It's impossible to define Nightfall, and I don't recommend that you assume anything. Just remember that she goes through highs and lows, so don't judge her by any one action.

Competition: Redlance, Cutter, Tyleet. She's not exactly hindered by her lifemating, but she won't share with anyone who's just in it for their personal gains. Cutter and Redlance both go back quite a ways in her world, and intruding on either relationship would take guts (read: stupidity). Lastly, she's already got the cub acquisition fever over with, and try not to express your opinion of Tyleet if it's like mine.

Abilities: Nighfall is quite good with a bow, and not too bad with a sword. She doesn't have any spectacular strengths, but don't concern yourself over that.

Joining: Oh my! ...Well, she has to be interested in you. Even if Redlance, Cutter, and/or Leetah are in the den with you, you'd better not be trying to kid anyone. Close the door and hold on.

Overall: Worth A Shot. But this ain't "opposites attract."

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Physical: Neither beautiful nor ugly, Moonshade doesn't bother with making herself attractive. She is a tanner, though, and she certainly knows how to literally suit others. Beyond that, Moonshade doesn't get into much combat, but she's not weak.

Mental, Etc.: Intelligent when it comes to tanning and anatomy, but not psychoanalysis. In Book 2, she's clearly shown as prejudiced against the Sun Folk, and she wasn't too keen on visiting the Gliders in Book 3. Among Wolfriders, her social skills are much better - in particular, she knows Strongbow inside and out. It's a matter of establishing yourself as one to become intimate with. Oh, and Moonshade is certainly not superficial.

Personality: Often strong more than supportive, Moonshade doesn't warm up to strangers or strange ideas easily. Ember, for one, could only win her trust while Moonshade was hallucinating (HY 18). Though it's easy to categorize her as high-minded and cliquish, she desires that others take the initiative when they desire her friendship (see V2 13, Dreamtime).

Competition: Strongbow, the Way, tribal duties, Dart. Face it, there's no way in hell that you could wrest her from Strongbow. Not only that, Moonshade is often occupied with the Wolfrider way of life. Dart, her surviving cub, definitely has a space bought in her mind.

Abilities: Tanning, leather-stitching, and fair hunting skills.

Joining: Forget it. Unless you somehow Recognize her, it's not gonna happen. Even if that should come about, you'll have "fun" dealing with the Wolfrider power structure. Do you enjoy tanning? Krim didn't.

Overall: Not Worth It. Your efforts will probably go in vain.

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Physical: A natural blond. She's more petite than many elves, but don't let that get to you, and definitely don't bring it up. Strength-wise, Dewshine prefers a bow in combat, but she's only second bananna to Nightfall. (Think Aeris versus Tifa, but without the death factor.)

Mental, Etc.: Though Dewshine was once rather ditzy, she's matured well. She's past her soap opera stage, but some may fear that she has become apathetic. Socially, Dewshine is more introspective than you might think, and she sticks to Scouter and precious few others. She is not usually passionate in public, but we've gotten glimpses of her private moments.

Personality: She always feels like a motherless child. Dewshine doesn't exactly cling to Treestump, but we know that they have a close relationship. Knowing this, it makes sense that she is posessive, often on edge, and prone to relying on others' emotions. Dewshine has come a long way, but she's not yet done growing.

Competition: Scouter, Treestump, Cutter, Tyldak, Windkin. You'd have to be really stupid to get between Dewshine and her lovemate of over five hundred turns. They know everything about each other (except soul names). And if you do bother with their relationship, you've got sire Treestump and uncle Cutter to answer to. Since Dewshine did Recognize Tyldak, and since it went better than some joinings, I wouldn't comment on that. Windkin is long since grown up and out, but he has a bad Oedipal complex.

Abilities: What are you expecting? Dewshine has quite enough without any special powers.

Joining: You're not dealing with an amateur here. Scouter is a force of nature, so you damn well better get permission. Beyond that, you'll probably have Tyleet to cope with. Good luck!

Overall: Not Worth It. You're over your head here.

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