Updates Archive 5

March 15 - April 10, 1999

April 10, 1999: Guess who hasn't been checking his HTML files very well? Me.

Back in March, when I first began this mirror, I missed linking a few pages to where they are located (my Geocities page). Just now, I've cleaned up some of this. For starters, the Humor page has been cleaned up, and now all of those files can be accessed. Second, I forgot to include the Site FAQ. That's been done, too.

As I promised some time ago, a lot of the old material has now been relocated. The Daughters MSTing, for example, now resides at Tripod. This process will continue!

April 6, 1999: It's been a nice, long weekend - and naturally, I got absolutely nothing accomplished.

I'm sorry that I didn't include the more recent updates last Thursday. When I needed it to work, the system decided to break down... Well, all that has been remedied. Now you can see the following 'Quiz updates:

TAL 3, Part 1 (text)
TAL 3, Part 2 (text)
TAL 4, Chapter 3

...This page will be updated in about a week. I need some time to work on my anime fanfics. If you're interested, find them at my Geocities page: INTO's Fanfic Outlet.

March 31, 1999: I finally moved the RE:EQ update to this page. Sorry for the delay.

As I said on the Geocities page, I'll have TAL 4, chapter 3 posted tomorrow. There may also be an additional surprise...

March 24, 1999: From this point forth, I'll continue to move my Addiction files to this, the Tripod website. Don't worry, I'll keep the Geocities version of The Addiction open, but I'm working on keeping my two sites separate.

March 23, 1999: I've begun to move my Addiction files to a site on Tripod. Like I said some time ago, since I haven't put GeoGuides on the revised Addiction pages, I'm violating Geocities guidelines. Apart from that, I just want to get noticed. So there.

Well, if you care to see it, the Addiction mirror is nearly finished. Because Tripod has a familiar, Geocities-like interface, uploading the files hasn't been too hard. I recommend the server to anyone starting out, especially since it allows for customized names.

March 22, 1999: It's done. Daughters Part Two chapter 3. This one includes the first part of a short series, "Extreme Weirdness."

I gotta get some sleep. More later.

March 21, 1999: I've been slacking off again. Sorry. I'm especially embarrassed about the double-GeoGuide that appeared on the Addiction page. That problem has been fixed.

So, what will be my next project? I want to work on my EQ stuff for a while. I'll write Daughters Part Two chapter 3, then the next installment of 'Quiz.

Anime fanfic-wise, I've been switching from one project to another lately. I've got a few spamfics I'd be willing to write, but none of my serious projects are going along well.

In summary, I'll keep you posted on the going-ons. Expect the next chapter of the MSTing by tomorrow (Monday), and 'Quiz by Friday.

March 16, 1999: It's complete. If you have a chance, view Year of the Rabbit. I'd like some comments about this one, too... is that too much to ask?

March 15, 1999: I'm back...

These are weird, crazy days we live in. But you don't need me to tell you that.

What's new, though? I did write a new fanfic over spring break. It's a Japanese SM 'fic called "Year of the Rabbit." This piece is one of the strangest things I've ever done. It's a combination of darkfic, introspection, mystery, and simple absurdity. And it's actually serious. Yeah, it's a bit of a sellout for me, a dub fan to the death.

Anyway, I'll post the fanfic in a day or two. I'm busy with school things, and my friends. They come first.

The next Addiction update will be in a few days. Since I've broken the Geocities rules by not including Guides, popups, or watermarks, I feel a bit guilty about staying at this location. Soon, I'll be starting a mirror site at Tripod. If that one works out, The Addiction might permanently move there.

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