Musical Instruments and Other Misc. For Sale

My payment policy is as such; I require payment to be made with a Money Order and/or Cashier's Check. U.S. Funds Only. Buyer is responsible for all shipping/handling/insurance charges and all lost/damaged items. If interested in an item, please inquire and we can then hold your item for 10 days(excluding sundays only) and if you are purchasing, please be prompt in paying! Thanks!!!

I can electrify any accordion for around 150.00. It will sound great!!!
* Vienna Button Box -- 3 Row Button Box w/Case. Key of G,C,F. Nice tight bellows. No signs of wear on bellows. Plays Good. No Damage or scratches. Includes nice case..........$295.00 before shipping

Need to ask more questions, other than what I've stated here, or want to listen to an accordion being played? Give me a call: Eric at (218) 631-1930 after 6:30(central) most nights. I'll be more than happy to answer your questions and/or play a melody for you.

* Johnson 6 String Guitar -- Brand New, Spruce Top, Adjustable neck with steel rod inside(like all higher priced guitars). Rich tone holds its tune well. Comes with "Martin" Bronzewound medium gauge strings. Your choice of Natural or Black. (Photo shows Natural color) Plays nice...........Only $100.00 each, before shipping

* Washburn Oscar Schmitt Addition -- Hollow Body Electric Guitar, Set up to play nice. All tuned up and ready to go...........$199.00 before shipping

* Guitar Cords -- Brand New, 1/4" ends, 20 ft...........$7.50, before shipping

* Folding Guitar Stands -- Brand New...........$18.50, before shipping

* Guitar Straps -- Brand New, Qwik Connect. Choose between Black or Brown...........$5.00 each, before shipping

* Electric Bass Strings -- Brand New...........$15.00 a set, before shipping

* Medium Bronze Wound or Electric Nickle Wound Guitar Strings -- Brand new, your choice of either Medium Bronze Wound Acoustic, or Electric Nickle Wound Medium or Light Strings...........$6.50 a set, before shipping

* Jambone Harmonicas -- Brand new. You also have a choice of any major key; A, B, C, D, E, F, G. No flats or sharps. Comes with case............$7.00 each, before shipping

* Johnson Mandolin -- Brand New, Spruce Top, Adjustable Bridge, Nice Action, Plays Well(compare to any higher priced mandolin), Very Nice, Rich Tone. comes in Black or Tobacco Sunburst. (Photo shows Sunburst color)...........Only $75.00, before shipping

* Nady SPI Mic -- Brand New, Vocal or Instrumental ...........$25.00, before shipping

* Samson Hi/Low Impdedance Mic -- Brand New. Great for vocals or recording. Hi/Output - Low Distortion with On/Off switch built in. Comes with foam lined carrying case............$40.00, before shipping

* Boom Stands -- Brand New...........$25.00, before shipping

* Regular Mic Stands -- Brand new...........$18.50, before shipping

* Palatino Violin -- Brand New. Comes with Bow, Rosin, Nice Padded Case & Fine Tuners on Tail Piece. Also a Chin Rest... Tuned by Big "E" and ready to play...........$85.00, before shipping

* Tubulator Tube - Effects Guitar Pedal -- Brand New. Make your newer transistor guitar amp sound like an old fender tube amp. 9 volt battery, built in pre-amp. Works for electric or acoustic instruments............$35.00, before shipping

* Qwik Tune Guitar/Bass Tuner -- Brand New...........$25.00, before shipping

I have other types of musical accessories, not listed here. Every kind of patch cord - New & Used Guitar Pedals, Music Stands, Key Board Stands, and Capos.
I also have Guitar Cases & Gig Bags... So just inquire if you need something.

Eric Roggenkamp
61448 Co. Hwy. 76
Bluffton, MN 56518
United States
(218) 631-1498 (FAX)
(218) 631-1930 (VOICE)