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Tractor and Farm Machinery Books

Prices are behind each book. This does not including shipping, insurance and/or delivery confirmation(please email zip code for price quote) and can be paid in US FUNDS, by Money Order/Cashier's Check/Safely Concealed Cash. Sorry, we do not take personal checks for these books. Combine books and save on shipping. All books are shipped media mail, but if you need it shipped by priority, please indicate this when requesting shipping quote... Also, books are listed to the best of our knowledge but are considered business discards in case something shows up later, that we overlooked when describing these books.

* Allis Chalmers D-14 Sevice Manual - 55 pages, Cover shows use w/oil smudges and slight wet look at spine as well as book edges show use. Inside looks good and white. Loads of black & white pictures and diagrams. Sections covered are air cleaner, battery/battery tray, cranshaft, differential, distributor, generator, fuel tank, sydraulic pump, lift shaft, main bearings, oil flow and oil pump, plus power steering pump, P.T.O shaft, radiator & shell, seat, shifter, spark plugs, wiring diagram and much more. No copyright date shown...........$35.00

* Case-IH Service Manuals - 1st book: Engine & Fuel System for BD-220, BD-264, C-221, C-263, C-282, C-291, & C-301 Service Manual - 3 hole punched, numerous pages (3 sections), Cover shows shelf wear, especially back cover, but appears to have no markings inside & pretty clean. Comes w/18 sides of fold-out pages with diagrams and photos. Covers engine, gasoline fuel system, and LPG fuel system. No copyright date noted. 2nd book: Chassis 656,v664,v666, 686, 70 and 86 Tractors Service Manual - 3 hole punched with ties. Cover shows use, and needs hole reinforcements as well as back cover has approx. 3/4" tear but inside fairly clean, many pages (15 sections), Loads of pictures, diagrams and sections cover splitting the tractor, front end, axle, and wheels, steering, engine, electrical system, clutch, clutch housing, and flywheel, transmission, differential, rear axle and housing, brakes, independent power take-off, hydraulic system, and testing hydraulic system, a troubleshooting chart and 10 fold-out pages. Inside page states September 1977.............$50.00 the pair

* Operator's Manual for Badger Manure Spreader - Models BN3210-BN3260 BN3330. 30 pages, some writing inside and outside, and looks like the flies have gotten to the outside but otherwise loaded with pictures, specifications, information on adjustments, assembly, lubrication, maintenance, etc... Still in good condition. Cannot find copyright date..........$10.00

* Case H & HV Tractor Operator's Manual 1004203R4 - Cover shows business use from dirty hands. Several pages are curled over. Spine binding tape appears to be coming loose in the back(not too bad though). Inside appears to be free of writing except inside front cover has some pen writing. 98 pages, with index, contents, and loads of black & white pictures, charts, etc... Cannot find a print date for this book..........$10.00

* Farmall 300 - 104 pages, Farmall 300 written in pencil on first page(not shown in photo). No outer cover. Center page separated from staples but in good shape. Grease smudges throughout but mainly on outer pages and edges opposite spine. Introduction, description, operating your tractor, maintenance, special equipment, comprehensive index, etc... Lots of black/white photos, drawings, information...........$10.00

* McCormick Farmall 300 Tractor Operator's Manual - (This one has a red cover so please specify). 98 pages, Heavily finger smudged on cover. Smells like grease, slight finger smudging inside. Cover has some writing wtear on front and back cover, and there's writing on first page Delivery Report Owner's Copy. 2 pages before that were perforated out and gone. Not sure what they were. It's been folded in half like someone carried it in their pants pocket. 98 pages. not including a supplemenal Farmal Fast-Hitch for McCormik Farmall 300 and 400 Tractors. Loads of pictures and illustrations, introduction, operating your tractor, maintenance, and more..........$20.00

* Farmall 400 Diesel - 112 pages, Farmall 400 Diesel written in pencil on first page(not shown in photo). No outer cover. 3 Ring. Appears to be in pretty decent condition. Slight smudging on outer edge and first page. Introduction, description, operating your tractor, maintenance, comprehensive index, etc... Lots of black/white photos, drawings, information...........$10.00

* Farmhand F19a Loader Operator's Manual & Parts List - 12 pages, 3 ring binder. Front cover separated from rest of book. Grease smudges throughout. Been folded multiple times, probably in someone's tractor. Contents includes assembly instructions, care and operation, part list and parts index. Cannot find copyright date..........$10.00

* Ford Shop Manual - Series 2N, 8N, 9N - 104 pages, fits 3 ring binder, dark drip stain on upper right corner of pages to about page 29. Small spot on front cover. Loads of black/white illustrations. Appears to be in good reading condition, and other than normal greasy finger smears on outer page edging, everything else appears to be on white paper - with no marks. Copyright 1995..........$17.50

* International 666 Tractor Operator's Manual - This is an original "Gas & Diesel" manual. 108 pages, Cover shows much use, as does inside front/back cover. Rest of book shows only slight finger smudging hit/miss but still very readable. Smells like oil. Fits 3 ring binder, pictures and diagrams. Covers operation, maintenance and lubrication - working safely, clutches, driving the tractor, 2 and 3 point hitches, hauling trailer equipment to the tractor, cooling system, electrical system, weights, tires, stroing the tractora nd much more. Has written notes from previous owner on last 2 pages. Copyright date 6-73 Rev. 2 ..........$30.00

* International Harvester 500 Series C Crawler Tractor Manual - Loads of pages (approx. 1" thick) w/lots of black & white photos and diagrams. Can be put into a 3 ring binder, but held together w/album screws. Book shows shop wear with outer cover handled w/greasy hands as well as inside pages, but still in decent reading condition with many years of life left. Copyright March, 1976..........$10.00

* International 361 Series Diesel Engine Construction Equipment Service Manual - Lots of sections, about 1/2" in width, 3 ring binder held together w/photo album screws. Grease-y cover w/slight smudging on inside but mostly in good reading condition w/only small amount of pencil writing. Loads of diagrams and black & white photos, including General Information, Manifold, Cylinder Head & Valves, Connecting Rods, Pistons, Piston Rings, and Cylinder Sleeves, Timing Gear Train, Front Cover and Camshaft, Oil Pump, Lubricating Oil Filter and Engine Oil Cooler, Water Pump, Thermostat Housing and Thermostat, Turbocharger, Cranking Motor, Generator, Voltage Regulator and Batteries. Copyright June, 1964..........$10.00

* John Deere 1525 Mower-Conditioner Operator's Manual - Lots of pages, loaded with information on safety, preparing the tractor, preparing the mower-conditioner, operating the mower-conditioner, attachments, lubrication, black & white photos, etc... Grease smudges throughout, Spine shows wear marks. Copyright 1985............$10.00

* John Deere 350 and 450 Mowers Operators Manual - 43+ pages. Outer covers dirty but inside mostly white with some grease smudging. A little fly poo first page and outer edges smudged from being on the work bench............$10.00

* John Deere Tractor 520 Series Operator's Manual OM-R2074R. 108 pages, oil stained cover with smudges throughout book. Outer binding worn but still intact. Back cover has minimal cut marks, writing on back of last page and front cover. Smells like grease but with loads of pictures & diagrams. Specifications and Data, Controls and Instruments, Safety Suggestions, Storing the Tractor, and more... Gasoline and All-Fuel (Serial No. 5028100 - )..........$20.00

* John Deere 60 Series Tractor Operator's Manual - 120 pages. Includes information on Specifications and Data, Controls and Instruments, Operating Instructions, Safety Suggestions, Lubrication and Periodic Services, Service that will keep your tractor in Tip-Top shape, Service Reminders, Tractor Difficulties, Storing The Tractor, and an Index. You will learn about Controls, Manifold Heat Control, Breaking-in Period--Part Load, Open Throttle, Changing Oil, Method of Starting and Stopping Engine, Drawbar Adjustment, Ignition System, Power Shaft Clutch Adjustment, Tightening Cap Screws and Nuts, Keeping the Tractor Clean, and much more. Loads of black & white illustrations taken from photos. Very detailed. White pages w/few oil smudges, but still in decent reading condition. Typical shop shelf ware. Cannot find copyright date..........$25.00

* John Deere 2030 Tractor Operator's Manual - OM-R50675 Issue H1. 79 pages, lots of pictures, information on just about everything from A through W. Spine is coming apart and shows wear. Cover shows wear but inside shows only few smudges. No copyright date noted..........$20.00

* John Deere 2520 Row-Crop and Hi-Crop Tractors Operators Manual - 80 pages. Good Condition, fairly clean pages but yellow with age. Includes lots of black & white pictures, diagrams, drawings. Specifications, controls & instruments, operation, safety rules, fuels and lubricants, lubrication and periodic service, service, tractor storage, trouble shooting, and an index. Cannot find copyright date..........$25.00

* John Deere 50V, 60V, and 70V Chain Saws Operator's Manual - 39 pages. Cover shows wear but inside fairly clean, lots of black/white photos, with identification for parts. Information includes safety, preparation of mix fuel, mix guide bar and chain oil, engine starting for the various saws above, cutting safety, manual oiling, running & stopping the saw, cleaning the chain, chain tension, sharpening chain, cleaning fuel filter, oil strainer, checking spark plugs, replacing starter rope & spring, trouble shooting, storage, and more. Cannot find a copyright date..........$10.00

* JD Computer Trak 100, 200, and 300 Planter Monitors - For plowing or planting 4, 6, 8, 10 or 12 row monitors. 59 pages, Cover front/back & inside covers show wear. Inside pages are in good reading condition, slight smudging in areas throughout. Information on attaching, detaching, safety, row spacing, assembly, fuel replacement, harness, loads of photos, etc..........$10.00

* John Deere 31 Integral Rotary Tiller Operator's Manual (OM - M43482 Issue K2) - 31 pages, Outer cover & edge shows shelf wear and some grease. Inside pages appear clean with few smudges. Lots of black/white pictures, and information on safety precautions, tractor break-in period, regulating travel speed, raising and lowering tiller, adjust depth of penetration, tilling tips, cultivating row crops, adjusting the drive chain, tiller drive and belts, along with replacing tiller clutch, external chains, tines, as well as assembling tiller, trouble shooting, storage and more. This is the type of tiller that fits older JD garden tractors in hte early 70's. No copyright date shown..........$20.00

* Parts Book for Massey-Ferguson TO 35 Tractor Gas and Diesel - 122 pages, no back cover, front cover greasy, edges greasy, a few areas that have been written on inside pages, but very legible and in good reading condition. Lots of black & white pictures of actual parts w/2 pictorial indexes. Copyright 6/58..........$10.00

* McCormick International 16 Forage Harvester Operator's Manual - 52 pages. Cover has some pen writing on it. The first two pages were taken out(perforated) which were probably owner's copy, as the next page which reads owner's copy has owner's name and date machine was bought. Several pages show folding of page, Used book, shows some grease marks throughout but looks pretty legible. Drawings throughout, w/introduction, adjusting and operating, chain tension adjustment, pickup unit, preparation of hay crops, set up, maintenance, trouble shooting, lubrication, specifications and much more. Back cover reads 1-15-63...........$10.00

* McCormick No. 8 Tractor Plow (2 and 3-Furrow) Operator's Manual - 92 pages. This book has been folded and probably placed in a tractor as there are many folded areas throughout. Front cover has rips along outer edges(and grease spots), as well as inside first page has a little bit of paper in the margin area that was removed(and small grease spots), last 2 pages also has some paper missing. Last page has paper missing that may affect description for parts as well as part of the numerical index. Otherwise everything else appears intact, w/lots of illustrations, info on care and maintenance, adjusting and operating instructions, etc... Back cover reads a copyright date of 6-19-51...........$10.00

* McCormick No. 46 Baler Operator's Manual - 41+ pages. Cover shows wear at spine, and grease marks. Front cover as well as inside page has pieces missing(part of deliver information missing as well as part of one picture). Missing first 2 perforated pages(probably information from previous owner). Some greasy smudging throughout. Lots of pictures/illustrations. Info includes introduction, operation, care of baler, finding trouble, storage, etc... Back cover reads a copyright date of 4-11-57 ...........$10.00

* Melroe Harrow-Multiweeder Heavy Duty Harrow Parts Book - Cover shows business use with dirty hands, and this book is 3 ring punch and tied off with lite duty string. 86 pages with black & white diagrams and part numbers. Very good condition. These Melroe Ag Products were made in Bismarck, North Dakota. Cannot find print date..........$10.00

* Melroe Plow M-902 & M-904 Semi-Mounted Plows Owner's Manual - 14 pages w/black & white diagrams and photos. Included in this pamphlet is information on Operation(separate areas for both M-902, as well as M-904), Maintenance, Transporting the Plow, and Troubleshooting. Normal shop wear, with grease on the covers, and first inside page. Rest of book look pretty decent. Front cover has an area torn off, probably previous owner's name. Copyright date 9-73..........$10.00

* New Holland Model 54A Bale Thrower Operator's Manual - Copyright 1968, 14 pages, Cover shows wrinkles and creases and smudges along with writing on front cover. inside looks fairly clean but with some indentations from being crammed betweens books. Service Charts, diagram, pictures, operation, attachments, lubrication, etc..........$10.00

* New Holland 54A Bale Thrower Operator's Manual - (This book comes in a plastic bag that has been used as a cover, so please specify) Cover shows shelf wear as does inside of book. Yellowing of pages from age, but still in pretty good condition. Back cover looks like someone may have grabbed the book with food on their fingers. This book comes in a plastic bag that has been used as a cover. 14 pages, lots of black and white photos and loads of information..........$10.00

* New Holland Harvester 782 Operator's Manual - 99 pages, w/real nice black & white photos, 3 delivery reports(1 for the owner, dealer and branch). Comes w/paper insert for installation instructions of Shear Bar Service Harvesters 790, 900, and 1600. Contents includes, but not limited to, Safety, Hardware Key, Standard Torque Chart, General Information, Introduction, Field Preparation, Operation of Electrical/Manual Controls, Metal Detector Operation, Attachments, Windrow Pick-Up, Sickle Bar, Troubleshooting, Optional Equipment, and more. 5 ring, showing shop wear, grease on cover and slight grease throughout, but still in decent reading condition. Names on front from previous owners, may have some writing inside..........$10.00

* New Holland 488 Haybine Mower-Conditioner Operator's Manual Issue 8-88 - 40+ pages. Cover is heavily finger smudged, and a small rip on front cover. Much cleaner on inside with few smudges. Copyright 1988 Ford New Holland, Inc. Lots of pictures, Operation, Maintenance. Specifications, Safety, Maintenance, Optional Equipment, etc.............$12.50

* New Holland Manure Spreaders 513-519-679 Manual - This is a 10 page pamphlet w/an extra page for your notes. 5 ring hole, w/pages on Operating and Maintenance, Operation, Assembly, Installation Instructions, and an old Warranty Card. Shows typical shop usage w/grease around the edges and possibly throughout. No known copyright date...........$10.00

* New Holland Manure Spreaders 514, 520, & 680 Manual - 43+ pages, w/last page written on (mainly delivery information. Lots of pictures, and information. Clean throughout, in plastic. Like new condition...........$10.00

* New Holland Model 55 Rolabar Rake Operator's Manual & Assembling Instruction for the Model 55 New Holland Rake - Approx. 15 pages total. Spine shows major wear. There is a slice through the center of the book - still legible. Cannot find copyright date..........$10.00

* Oliver 770 Tractor Operator's Manual - Book is stapled together. Outside cover shows business use from dirty hands. Front inside of cover looks as though it has brown stains on it, otherwise the inside of book appears to be in very good reading condition with no writing throughout. Hard to say how many pages this book has as it goes by 10-1, 10-2, etc... Lots of black & white photos, information, etc... Book states it was revised on 7-1-66..........$10.00

* Oliver 1650 Operator's Manual - 1/4" thick booklet with loads of black/white pictures & diagrams practically on every page. Specifications, Safety Instructions, Lubrication, Operation, Adjustments, Service & Trouble Shooting, Optional Equipment, Index, and more. Cover shows shop wear. Inside in good condition. Last few pages look as though someone may have dropped some greasy food and it leaked through, but still in decent condition with loads of life left to it. Copyright(insert-7/96, cover 12/96)..........$10.00

* OMG 595 Roll Baler Operator's Catalog 000-53790 - 52 pages. This book has seen it's share of greasy, smudgey fingers, on the cover as well as throughout the book. It's been in the field while working on the baler as well as in the shop. Black/White photos, illustrations, even comes with insert on baling silage. Center pages have come away from the staples but all pages appear to be there. A well used book that's easy to read, and with plenty of life left. Cannot find copyright date..........$10.00

* Vermeer 605F Round Baler Manual & Parts # List’s - 46 pgs, No back cover. No copyright date shown. Been used(condition is fair to good), grease smudges throughout. Diagrams and/or Black & White drawings, and information on handling round bales, preparing hay for baling, preparing your balaer, taking care of your baler, returning/ordering parts, trouble shooting guide, axle assembly, tongue-hitch-twine tube, pickup, belt drive rollers-belt tightener arms, sprockets, taper-lock bushings, hydraulics, parts lists table, etc…....$20.00

* WD-52 and WD-53 Pick-Up Plows Operating/Repair Parts Instructions - 25 pages. Includes 3 sheets of delivery records, loads of black & white diagrams and several black & white photos. Cover shows grease, inside has grease smudges, top outer dog-eared backwards. Pamphlet has been folded in half at some point, probably carried by some person from the shop to the field. Legible reading. Has information on Adjustments, Bundle Numbers, Converting 3-Bottom Plow to 2-Bottoms, Field Suggestions For The Operation, General Information, Preparing Tractor, Repair Parts Section, Figuring out Right & Left, Setting Up Directions, Storage, and Unhitching..........$10.00

* Wisconsin Air Cooled Heavy Duty Engines Instruction Book and Parts List Model VG4D Issue MM 267-C - Outer cover & edges show use but inside looks fairly clean. Bottom edge of last few pages and cover are leafed over. 70+ pages, no copyright date shown, diagrams and black/white pictures with parts and/or parts #’s. Includes the following: Engine Instructions, Air Cleaner-PreCleaner, Choke, Clutch, Compressing-Restoring, Firing Order, Hot Weather Operation, Fuel & Fuel Pump, Lubrication, Spark Plugs, Testing Rebuilt Engine, Warm-Up Period, Overspeeding, and much more..........$20.00

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