TIME: 6:30p.m.

DATE: APRIL 6, 2001



For directions or more information:

Kim at
or Kim at (218)631-9031

-- We will be celebrating Eric's 40th Birthday --

"By Personal Invitation"

You have now been properly invited to celebrate with Eric for his 40th birthday. All you can eat fish dinner, followed by Karaoke (which starts approx. 9:00p.m)

Originally a weekend of music & other fun entertainment had been planned at the homestead, but due to Eric's prior commitment to play for a PRIVATE PARTY on Saturday night (APRIL 7th), we are trying to keep it rather low key --

Besides... "He needs to keep up his strength!" lol

Not the surprise party we had all wanted, even tho' Eric has little idea who might be in attendance (sh-h-h-h-h!).
I have been given the go-ahead as to a permissable number that can be invited and you have been chosen as one of the selected. Please help me out and RSVP as soon as possible; whether or not you can make it and how many will be attending!
Thanks a bunch!!!