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Her is where you can find ow to fix problems with your car.

So your car took a scale tumble of about 350 stories off your table. Now the stearing is all messed up! It either turnes better one way then the other. Or it does nto turn at all! Well I have The fix for you. It is actualy pritty simple. Basicaly the stering is a magnet, in between two coils. So when you togel the stering, it puls the megnet to one side. How do we fix it you ask? Keep reading!

1. You must un-clip the plastic cover from infront of the rear wheels. I use a little regular screw driver(non-magnetic). Just becarefull not to brake the clips!

2. Now remove the antena from its little mount, and remove the plastic cover. You should have the main board exposed . Now just lift it slightly so that you expose the screw that secures the front cover! Then remove the screw!
3. Take your small regular screw driver again, and pop off the front cover. It is secured with clips inside the chasie... Again becarfull not to brake them! This should expose the steering housing!
4. You should now be able to see the problem. The magnet will be slightly off center. The problem is that the glue does not hold up realy well when it falls and crashes! You can see it a little better in this pic.
5. Becarefull to note which way the magnet is seated. If you take it all the way out of its bracket, and put it back wrong, your stering will be reversed! I just push the magnet back into its place, then put a little dab of HOT STUFF CA glue on it to help keep it in place!

That is it.. now just reasemble.. be sure that the little spring for the trim is instaled the right way!

If your car when you get it has a range of about one foot here is how you can fix it. Take off the chasis. Drill a hole in the front near the right of the windshield. The will make the attenna longer. You should have a little better range.

If your tires are slipping there is one of two things that could have happened to them.First dust off your tires! If the problem stops I've got one thing to say....stupid just plain stupid...

If the problem doesn't stop adjust your steering with the little gauge on the bottom. If the problem still persists check the instructions above or use less floor cleaner.