ThickenThin not/Cereal

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Hot cereal on a lowcarb or no-grain diet? Impossible?

Not at all!

ThickenThin not/Cereal is an unflavored mix gives you the thick, creamy texture of hot cereal, rather like cream of wheat or rice. Just add a "little something" for flavor and enjoy! It is guaranteed to lump -- just enough to give you a nice cereal texture -- you whisk it to control the size, anything from the big lumps of oatmeal to the tiny lumps of cream of wheat. And you can take advantage of its starchy texture to give pureed lowcarb vegetables the texture of high-carb ones.

ThickenThin not/Cereal -- 5 ounces (22 servings) in a stand-up pouch with zipper closure.

Ingredients: pasteurized egg whites in a proprietary blend of vegetable gums (carob, guar, acacia, xanthan).

Nutrition (per tablespoon of mix--enough to make 1/2 cup* cereal): 24 calories, 0g fat, 1.6g carb of which 1.3g is soluble fermentable dietary fiber, 4g protein, 65mg sodium.

* Cereal packages usually list one-cup servings. We recommend--and use for our nutrition calculations--half-cup servings because not/Cereal seems to be more filling than high carb cereals.

Suggestions and recipes

Note: all versions are fastest with a wire whisk although a fork can be used.

Microwave* Directions--spray or grease sides of bowl to prevent boilovers!:

1. Whisk 1 Tbs. mix into a half cup warm water.

2. Cook approximately 40-60 seconds (varies with oven). Whisk to break up lumps. Repeat as needed until thick (about 1-2 minutes more).

3. Whisk to desired smoothness.

*For stove top preparation: use 3/4 cup water; stir frequently.


Add one or more of the following (amounts are just suggestions):

cinnamon and sweetener Parmesan or other cheese chopped nuts, seeds (2-3 Tbs.) protein powder (1-2 Tbs.) unsweetened coconut wheat or oat bran fruit (if allowed on diet) salt (1/8 tsp.-- less with cheese) milk, butter, cream or substitutes per your diet

Cereal Extender:

For those who handle a small amount of grain- based cereal, not/Cereal can stretch it into a bowlful.

For 4g bioavailable carb, add (to Step 1) 1 1/2 Tbs. oatmeal or 1/2 Tbs. quick grits or 1 Tbs. instant grits. Adjust cooking time for the addition (watch carefully-- you may need to add more water for longer cooking times).

Don't forget to count the carbs!

Other recipes:

-"not/Oatmeal" (cinnamon flavor) increase not/Cereal to 1 1/2 TBS and cook without stirring to form large firm lump of egg, whisk to large particle size, cook until thick. Add cinnamon for flavor and color as well as any other desired additions and salt to taste. (I haven't tried it but a teeny amount of molasses should work instead of cinnamon for those who prefer brown sugar flavor.)

-"not/Grits" cook until lump of egg just starts to form, whisk thoroughly to a small particle size, cook until thick. Add something (butter, cream, cheese, cinnamon, etc.) for flavor and salt to taste.

Time-saving hints:

Prepare complete mixes of dry ingredients in your favorite combinations. Not only does it save measuring time in the morning but the other ingredients often reduce the amount of time needed for stirring and whisking. Just spoon some not/Cereal and your favorite amount of other ingredient(s) into a jar (or recycle one of our stand-up pouches) and stir thoroughly.

Barbara's favorites:  
-Pecan not/Cereal:  3 Tbs not/Cereal plus 6 Tbs ground pecans (this 
amount fits into a Wise CHOice pouch).  For each serving, use 3 Tbs 
mix--and see how easy it is to prepare.  Flavor with butter, salt 
(optional) and, for those of us who remember Maypo fondly, some 
maple flavoring and sweetener.
-Soy protein not/Cereal:  4 Tbs not/Cereal plus 4 Tbs soy protein 
isolate or other protein powder (fits into a Wise CHOice pouch).  
For each serving, use 2 Tbs mix to make a thick creamy cereal.  
(Note: this mix still needs a whisk.)  Flavor as you would 
any bland hot cereal.

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