Project: Sleeping Thunder 

This page is for my "Sleeping Thunder" project, which is still only on the drawing boards. I am putting most my money (which is about none!) into Project Big Bronco, so this webpage probably wont be very big for a while. I haven't really decided if I want to make it a sleeper either. Just playing around with some ideas so far.

Project Goals: I'd like to build a really fast street car, since I plan on driving it frequently on the street but possibly on the track on a rare occasion. I'd like to use fuel injection and possibly forced induction. I hope to beat 13 sec 1/4 mile time as a general goal.


Note: This webpage used to discuss putting a 460 in the car, but I have since changed the plans over to a 351W.

Current status:

9/01 The car has been sitting for a while with blown head gaskets on the stock 3.8L. Perfect excuse to drop a V8 in it right?

5/04 After a few years of sitting, I have finally got the old motor out with the aid of my wifes cousin and got the new motor temporarily set in.

Picture Gallery:

bird1.jpg (59437 bytes) bird2.jpg (66991 bytes) bird3.jpg (65145 bytes)

Pics of the new 351W and the engine swap:


v6out.JPG (84278 bytes) nomotor.JPG (56516 bytes) 351W.JPG (84720 bytes) 2engines.JPG (88624 bytes)
Taking the old v6 out. An empty engine bay. The Windsor ready to go in. Big 351W at top, little v6 at bottom.


Alright... here is the plan so far.

Engine: 351 Windsor

Why: A proven ford engine. Much lighter than the 'big blocks', but more potential than a 302. Lots of aftermarket support. Can easily be stroked to 400 cubic inches. Plus I got one reasonably cheap from a '96 e-series van.

Tranny: Unsure

Why: Well, my stock '84 aod is unlikely to hold up or be a candidate for a build up. A later model aod or a custom built aod would be a possibility, although I prefer a manual tranny. But a manual tranny will require a complete swap over and I am not sure what tranny to look for. I would want overdrive and a tranny the could hold up to possible a blown 400 cubic inch motor that is built.

Rear End: 8.8" quad shock 

Why: A durable axle that has held up well, although my build might push its limits. Can be found in stock Fox 'Stangs, Cats, and Mark VII's, all with quad shocks for better axle control, possible disk brakes, possible ideal gearing stock, possible limited slip, and directly compatible with the Bird. All possibles depend on wich car the axle cam from. Idealy would be an 87 or 88 turbo coupe bird... most came with trac-lok, 3.55 or 3.73 gears, and disk brakes. Aftermarket parts are commonly available to build up the 8.8 stronger.

Other Ideas: Still working on it.

Engine buildup data: Still working on it.


Whats happened so far:


I have got the 3.8L motor out finally, and acquired a 351W out of a '96 van (rollor motor, complete with all fuel injection and computer). My problem right now is in keeping the fuel injection. Even though my car was originaly a CFI car, alot of things will need modded for the sefi 351W. For one, the fuel pump and possibly lines, adapting to the lines on the 351W, and getting the computer to work right (it currently has a computer designed to be used with the automatic trannies in the vans). All the electronic FI stuff is really holding progress right now. Any ford FI experts out there? Drop me a line!


Think I am crazy? Think its cool? Got ideas for my project or some info? Find any flaws with the above ideas? Send me an email (link at bottom of page).


This webpage originally born on 9-9-01. Last updated on 5-3-04