The old jail cell is located in Boyne Falls, MI. It was used during the logging era to house prisoners. It is said that the prisoners were tortured and starved to death among other things.  It is now located in front of a park and playground, how nice. We would have never known that this place was active if we wouldn't have went through our old pictures at home. Now that we know, we will be furthering our investigations.

                3 big orbs on the jail cell / Close-up of bottom orb (zoomed, darkened, sharpened)
                                                                          Circled : A vortex

      This one cracked us up! 2 orbs by Heather. The top one is looking smiling, the other is puckering up as to give a kiss. Below are some close-up's of the orbs.

            Man smiling down                    Puckering up for a kiss
( photo's zoomed, and / or sharpened, brightened, and darkened for better clarity)