Union Cemetery is located in Ypsilanti, MI.  We have had many amazing experiences here. It is a very peaceful place, with no bad vibes. The front of the cemetery is mainly old stones from the early 1800's. This is where my fiancé' and I saw our first  orb (spirit energy). It was about the size of a softball and very bright, moving like a comet. The night was warm and very clear, the sky,  filled with stars. There was no wind.  A friend of my fiancés'  is buried here and we decided to visit her grave. We got the most amazing pictures.  We setup a digital tape recorder at her grave, and every  time he spoke to her, the lilies on her grave swirled around in circles. When he stopped talking... they stopped. I was astounded. When we got home and reviewed the tape, and when my fiancé' said "hi" to her, you can hear a young girl say  "hi" back. He goes on to talk for a while and just as we're getting ready to walk away, you can hear her say "I love you Skip." We have yet to find out who Skip is. Since we visited her grave that night and told her that we could communicate w/ her,  people have occasionally seen a pinkish-red mist come down our hallway and into the spare bed room.
          Another time we came here on a whim with some friends around 4:30am. It was a really cold, morning, just starting to gain sunlight. As we approached the front of the cemetery,  we could hear so much noise congestion, like a big crowd of people talking back and forth.  Then whistling started going back and forth from all over the place, like people calling back to one another.The 1st 5 pic's were taken on Adavantix film.  The following pics are in the order taken.

                                          When we first approached the grave

                                                  Pinkish- red mist                                         



                                              Misty face over  Jane's shoulder                               Close Up