Stoney Creek Cemetery in Ypsilanti, MI.  It was a dark, cold, eerie night. After entering the gates,  we were followed around by a black cat the whole time , but he would not  follow us through the gates when we left. He seemed like a gatekeeper.  While inside, a group of us ventured toward the back of the cemetery. It was so dark that you couldn't see your hand in front of your face.  We came to a sort of "borderline", one side of our bodies were extremely cold, while the other  was very warm . A friend had a digital thermometer that measured a 25 degree temperature drop from one side to the other. We heard many whispers throughout the grounds but failed to see anything until we developed these pictures.  A very  psychic friend that was w/ us saw and spoke w/ a female presence,  she described her as talking very fast and having her hand on her hip the whole time. It was definently a thrill when we got this back !

Close-up of what appears to be an apparition of a  woman w/ her hand on her hip in a Victorian style dress which is materialized on the stone. You can even see the ruffle of her white collar.

             A very good example of a black mist, covering the face of a very psychic member of GHOSM.
             There were no visible obstructions of any kind.