Riverside Cemetery  is located in Flat Rock, MI. We had some very scary experiences here ! It was a dark , warm, summer night. Mosquito heaven. We were with a group of about 15 other ghost hunters, maybe more.  When we first got there,  we kind of went off on our own for a while to snap a few pictures and  check out the area before it became completely dark. While we were walking around we kept hearing  big branches breaking in the trees above our head that followed us down the path, it sounded like something large jumping from tree to tree. We all met at the center of the graveyard and sat in a large circle holding hands and trying to focus on who or what was around us. In the middle of the circle  was a single white candle burning for protection. Also an array of digital tape recorders, mics, electromagnetic field detectors, and cameras galore. While in a moment of silence trying to focus on our surroundings, everyone heard a faint far away cry of a woman  yelling "Help... help..., no...no." Then we heard a loud , ground shaking gunshot,  or combustion type noise that was right there next to us.  The ground underneath us vibrated, and we were looking around expecting to see someone shot.  Everyone was fine, but shaken.  A  fellow ghost hunter asked the presence if they were trying to tell us what happened to them, and then it happened again. The same far away cry... and then the combustion! We all packed up very quickly and left. Here are some pics taken that were taken that eerie night.

                                                                                                     Not quite sure what this is   

                              Tubular vortex, and ecto cloud. Red mist coming from the lower grave.

                A  faint orb and more color