Summary: An older Facit printer is connected by parallel interface to a Windows based system, and prints incorrectly. It may not print at all, it may print total 'garbage' or partial control sequences, graphics may be distorted, or other printing problems.


Solutions: Read the following solutions completely to determine your operating system and the simplest solution. Solutions may be tried singly or together.

Printer Setup

Windows - all versions:

In the BIOS for the PC, change LPT port type from EPP to ECP, Enhanced, or Standard.


Install and use a second parallel card. Most cards allow on-board settings to maintain compatibility.

Windows 95, Windows 98, Windows ME

Change the printer port to use DOS printing services:


Disable the bi-directional print support:


Change the printer properties from ECP to Standard:

Windows 95, Windows 95A:

Windows 95B, Windows 95C, Windows 98, Windows 98 SE:, Windows ME

Windows NT 4.0

The CENTRONICS handshake in parallel.sys is too aggressive for some older devices. This can be corrected by applying Service Pack 4 or greater.

Windows 3.x

Turn off Fast Printing Direct to Port:


Change the printer port to use DOS printing services: