The Family Album of

Mariétou, Aminata and Günter

May through November 2000

In May 2000, Aminata started walking. On Pentecost, she was already quite good at it, which considerably enlarged the possibilities to make mischief with Nafi. On June 21, Ami celebrated her first birthday with Luca and Nafi.
Hooraaaaaaaay!Ami and NafiFirst Birthday
Shortly thereafter, we had to go to Regensburg, because both Great-Grandmothers were in the hospital. There, we also met aunt Evi and cousin Lilli.
Aunts and CousinsGreat-Granny Auguste with Great-Grandchild Aminata AugusteBreakfast on Haydplatz
At the beginning of August, Günter fell from the bike and hurt himself so much, he had to use crutches for the next two weeks. Brother Ibou came from Italy, and we took all the kids to the Wilhelma, the Stuttgart zoo. Aminata, Mortala and Moustapha were unseparable durin the whole two weeks.
At the ZooStuttgart, KönigstrasseThe unbelievable Three
The neighbours' grandson Florian was a favourite companion, too. With Nafi coming over on weekends, chaos was guaranteed. The berry-and-sandbox orgy with following mixed bathtub-relay will go down in history.

Berries + Sand = CementThe Big Bathtub Battle

Our next visitor was Jean-René.

Jean-René has learnt by know how to hold a babyEating and DrinkingYour Health, Vicar!

Early in October, we went to South-Tyrol to visit friends.

The Waltherplatz in BolzanoCousin CheikhouGuess who's Child?High-Life at Uncle Ibou's
Aunt Eli and her babyMame BoussoLittle MariétouUncle Gianfranco

After that, Lamine Bâ, well known to the readers of Günter's gothic novels, came to visit us, with his daughter Bijou.

Bijou and AmiBijou in the TunnelAmi in the TunnelTonton LamineA patient Cat

At the end of October, we went to Regensburg to celebrate Great-Granny Gretel's 96th birthday.

Happy Birthday, Granny!

Great-Granny Gretel and Great-GranddaughtersCheers!Fit at 96

Aminata's hair is now long enough for mother to braid it. As a reward, she may help in the household or pose with uncle Hamedin.

Where's the dust?Aren't we cuuuuuute?Uncle Hamedin

The last great event was Evi's and Lilli's visit, an occasion for the cousins to know each other.

Lilli, Ami and dogTwo darlings

At the end of November, Aminata and Mariétou flew to Dakar. It took Günter two whole weeks to get up and scribble this page, but in the end he had to, since he wants to join his family on December 14.

Waiblingen, 10 December 2000

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