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Descendants of Papa Rodruck


Generation No. 1

1. PAPA1 RODRUCK was born in Virginia. He married MOTHER MAIDEN-NAME. She was born in Maryland.


2. i. JOHN J.2 RODRUCK, b. March 1822, West Virginia.


Generation No. 2

2. JOHN J.2 RODRUCK (PAPA1)1 was born March 1822 in West Virginia. He married ELIZA ???. She was born Abt. 1830 in Virginia.

Children of JOHN RODRUCK and ELIZA ??? are:

i. JOHN P.3 RODRUCK, b. Abt. 1849.

3. ii. IDA M. RODRUCK, b. September 1866, West Virginia.


Generation No. 3

3. IDA M.3 RODRUCK (JOHN J.2, PAPA1) was born September 1866 in West Virginia. She married JAMES A. MESSICK2 Abt. 1883, son of FATHER MESSICK and MOTHER. He was born April 1859 in Virginia.

Children of IDA RODRUCK and JAMES MESSICK are:

i. EDGAR E.4 MESSICK, b. February 1885, West Virginia.

4. ii. ELLEN L. MESSICK, b. December 1886, West Virginia.

iii. WILLIS H. MESSICK, b. June 1889, West Virginia.

iv. SUE M. MESSICK, b. February 1892, West Virginia.

v. ELSA M. MESSICK, b. April 1894, West Virginia.

vi. CHARLES A. MESSICK, b. September 1896, West Virginia.

vii. ALICE M. MESSICK, b. June 1899, West Virginia.


Generation No. 4

4. ELLEN L.4 MESSICK (IDA M.3 RODRUCK, JOHN J.2, PAPA1) was born December 1886 in West Virginia3. She married EDGAR VANMETER PRATT, son of JACOB PRATT and SUSAN SHERMAN. He was born March 1886 in West Virginia4,5.


According to the 1920 Census, Egar was a "steel car repairman"

Family lived in Cumberland, Md (Alegheny Co) on Pearl Street (1920 Census)

Children of ELLEN MESSICK and EDGAR PRATT are:

5. i. MAE BELINDA5 PRATT, b. June 05, 1908, Cumberland, MD; d. August 04, 1988, Lebanon, TN.

ii. WILLIAM PRATT, b. Abt. 1911.

6. iii. IONA PRATT, b. Abt. 1916.

iv. CURTIS PRATT, b. Abt. 1925.


Generation No. 5

5. MAE BELINDA5 PRATT (ELLEN L.4 MESSICK, IDA M.3 RODRUCK, JOHN J.2, PAPA1) was born June 05, 1908 in Cumberland, MD, and died August 04, 1988 in Lebanon, TN. She married CLARENCE EDWARD BISHOP, son of SHERMAN BISHOP and AMANDA WILLISON. He was born February 09, 1907 in Cumberland, MD, and died April 04, 1967 in Narrows, VA.


7. i. DONALD EDWARD6 BISHOP, b. December 15, 1934, Cumberland, MD.


6. IONA5 PRATT (ELLEN L.4 MESSICK, IDA M.3 RODRUCK, JOHN J.2, PAPA1) was born Abt. 1916. She married WILLIAM ANDERSON.


i. ROGER6 ANDERSON, b. Cumberland, MD ?; m. SUSAN *UNKNOWN*.


Generation No. 6

7. DONALD EDWARD6 BISHOP (MAE BELINDA5 PRATT, ELLEN L.4 MESSICK, IDA M.3 RODRUCK, JOHN J.2, PAPA1) was born December 15, 1934 in Cumberland, MD. He married (1) BEVERLY ANN ILGENFRITZ in Lebanon, TN, daughter of CHARLES ILGENFRITZ and ORDELL ROHRBAUGH. She was born November 07, 1939 in York, PA. He married (2) CLARA JOYCE PRICE June 1956 in Narrows, VA, daughter of WADE PRICE and DOROTHY TICKLE. She was born December 23, 1935 in Pearisberg, Giles Co., VA, and died December 1982 in Lebanon, TN.

Children of DONALD BISHOP and CLARA PRICE are:

i. MICHAEL EDWARD7 BISHOP, b. August 14, 1958, Nurnberg, Germany.

ii. DEBRA LYNN BISHOP, b. October 02, 1959, Nurnberg, Germany; m. GEORGE DOUGLAS NOTGRASS; b. April 08, 1956.

iii. GERALD WADE BISHOP, b. November 16, 1961, Ft. Hood, TX; m. JOANNE WILLIAMS, October 1986, Lebanon, TN.

iv. BRIAN KEITH BISHOP, b. January 03, 1967, Nashville, TN; m. NAOMI C. GANN, May 30, 1998, Carthage, TN.




1. 1850 Census for Virginia, Hampshire Co.; ED#24; Family 807, John was a farmer with real estate valued at $1,000.

2. 1900 W. VA Census, Mineral Co.; ED 69; Sheet 6, Rented a farm; Edgar worked on the farm; Lizzie's father live with the family; Thomas J. Iliff (b. April 1871) listed as white servant and farm laboror.

3. 1920 Census for Maryland, Enumeration District #15, Sheet #10, Age 33, Born in W. Va.; Mother and Father born in W. Va.

4. 1920 Census for Maryland, Enumeration District #15, Sheet #10, Age 33, born in W. Va.; Mother and Father born in W. Va.

5. 1910 W. VA Census, Mineral Co.; ED62; Sheet 1A, Wife listed as "Lizzie E."; Mae listed as "Mabel"; Edgar working as farm laboror.