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Introduction (Pengenalan)

What are sprouts? Sprouts are seeds that are beginning to grow. The first visible part of a germinating seed is the downward grown of the seed root (hypocothl). Then the stem and the seed shoot (epicotyl) will begin to grow upwards. Sprouts can be grown from the seeds of any eatable plant, from grains such as alfalfa and buckwheat, from beans such as mung beans and snow peas, and from seeds such as sunflower and sesame.

Apa dia tunas? Tunas adalah biji benih yang sedang mula bertumbuh. Bahagian yang pertama dinampak dalam biji benih yang sedang mula bertumbuh ke bawah adalah akar biji (hypokotyl). Lepas ini bahagian batang dan pucuk biji (epikotyl) akan mula bertumbuh ke atas. Tunas boleh ditumbuhkan daripada biji benih tumbuhan yang boleh dimalan, dari bijirin seperti alfalfa serta gandung, dari kekachang seperti kacang hijau dan kacang salji, dan dari biji seperti biji bunga matahari dan bijan.

Toa Ngor Sprouts (Tunas Toa Ngor)

History of Sprouts (Sejarah Tumbuhan Tunas)

Ancient manuscripts of around 3000 B.C. record certain therapeutic uses of sprouted beans - which could help cure such diverse problems as bloating, loss of nerve sensation, muscular cramps, digestive disorders and weakness of the lungs.

In 16th Century, Shih Chans book 'Pen Ts' Oo Kang Mu' - an exhaustive work on Chinese pharmaceuticals and herbs - took 26 years to complete, disarmed the medicinal value of sprouts - used in reducing inflammation, containing a laxative affect, remedying dropsy and rheumatism and building and toning the body.

In 1808, British explorer Captain James Cook - used sprouts as anti scurvies (anti-scurvy) properties of sprouts. Scurvy is caused by lack of ascorbic acid, and first appears as lowered resistance to infection and a tendency to bleed easily. In severe cases it leads to weakness, weight loss, painful swollen joints, bleeding guns, loosened, and bleeding under the skin. Cook and his crew used specially formulated malt made by cooking sprouted beans at very low heat, to feed the crew over long durations at sea. Cook sailed for three years with out losing a single crew members to scurvy - an outstanding achievement at the time. Cook also discovered, along with vast continents, that citrus fruits such as lime and lemon prevented scurvy.

Value of Sprouts (Khasiat Tumbuhan Tunas)

Mung Bean Sprouts (Tunas Towgeh Kecil)
Sprouts vary in texture and taste. Some are spicy like celery and onion sprouts, some such as bean sprouts are hardy, others like alfalfa are more delicate and are used in salads and sandwiches to add texture and moistness. Doctors today are telling us to eat less meat and dairy. What other ways can we get our protein? We can't eat fish all the time.

Beans and grains are a time-honored way to get plenty of protein with low fat, high fiber and no cholesterol. Sprouts: Alfalfa, Mung Bean, and Bean Mix, are beans that have been sprouted and are a wonderful option for a variety of vegetarian meals. When you eat sprouts you are eating a fine, easy to digest plant that is at it's peak of nutritional value. The seed releases all of its stored nutrients in a burst of vitality as it attempts to become a full sized plant - a living food - life giving food.

Large Bean Sprouts (Tunas Towgeh Besar) Makanan tunas berbedza diantara satu jenis dengan lain mengikut cita rasanya. Ada yang berasa pedas seperti tunas bawang dan celary, ada yang keras seperti towgeh, ada juga yang lembut seperti alfalfa dan di makan sebagai salad dan dengan roti sandwiche untuk menambah rasa garing. Doktor sentiasa menasihat kita kurangkan makanan daging. Bagaimana kita boleh dapat protein dengan secukupnya?

Kekacang dan bijirin adalah sumber protein tumbuhan dengan kandungan lemak yang rendah, fiber yang tinggi, dan tanpa kholesterol. Tumbuhan tunas seperti alfalfa, towgeh, and kekacang, adalah tunas sangat berkhasiat sebagai makanan jenis sayur-sayuran. Apabila kita makan tunas kita makan anak sayur yang segar. Bijinya akan melepaskan semua zat-zat supaya tenas ini sihat dan boleh membesar, ia sejenis makanan yang sangat berfaedah bagi kita semua.

Alfalfa sprouts are a good source of vitamin C, while the vitamin A in sprouts are supplied in the form of carotene, which is converted into vitamin A in the intestines as needed. Carotene is not toxic in large quantities where as synthetic Vitamin A or that found in fish and liver and other animal foods, accumulates in the liver and can become toxic. Vitamin A is elemental for normal growth and development, for good eyesight and reproduction. Vitamin B or thiamine, B2 or riboflavin and niacin are abundant in sprouts such as almonds, alfalfa, wheat, sunflowers and sesame. Vitamin B complex, helps the body digest carbohydrates and use energy as well as promote resistance to infections - also called "stress vitamins", they aid the normal functioning of the nervous system - bolstering it against antioxidants and maintaining valuable nutrients.

Tunas alfalfa adalah sumber vitamin C yang baik. Vitamin A dalam tunas adalah dalam bentuk carotene, ia dipindahkan kepada vitamin A dalam badan kita apabila ia diperlukan. Carotene tidak bahaya apabila terdapat dalam kadar yang tinggi tetapi vitamin A tiruan seperti yang terdapat dari ikan serta hati binatang boleh bekumpul dalam hati kita dan menjadi toxic. Vitamin A diperlukan untuk membesar dan membangunkan badan, untuk lihatan yang elok serta kebolehan mengada anak. Vitamin atau thiamine, B2 atau riboflavin dan niacin banyak terjumpa dalam tunas almond, alfalfa, gandung, bunga matahari dan bijan. Vitamin B komplex, membanty tuboh mengambil karbohydrate, memberi tengaga dan memberi ketahanan daripada jankitan penyakit.

Alfafa Sprouts (Tunas Alfafa)

Jering Sprouts (Tunas Jering)
Proteins are constructed of building blocks called amino acids. When these are not provided in the diet, the body is unable to regenerate it's cells properly, and deficiency syndrome develops. Potassium, called youth minerals help the body manufacture smooth and tight skin and balance body weight, and maintain proper alkaline in blood. Alfalfa, fennel greens, lentils, zucchini, and sprouts are good sources of the iron needed for red blood cell manufacture in the body, and the transportation of oxygen from the lungs to the cells.

Protein adalah dibina daripada amino asid. Apabila tiada amino asid, badan kita tidak dapat tumbuh sel secukupnya dan akan mengakibatkan sindrome kekurangan. Potassium, galian awit muda membantu tubuhan kulit yang licin serta berat badan yang seimbang, ia juga memimbangkan alkaline dalam darah. Alfalfa, fennel hijau, kekacang, timun, dan tunas juga sumber besi galian yang diperlukan untuk menubuhkan sel darah merah. serta mengalir oxigen dari paru-paru kepada semua sel-sel.

Toxin in Sprouts (Racun Toxin dalam Tunas)

Natural toxins in fresh food has become a hot and controversial subject recently. Every body's is different and will react differently to different types of food. Sprouts are no different. There are people who will not agree well to various kinds of beans, including groundnuts. Sprouts from these beans should be avoided by such people. Stick to the sprouts that you are a custom to and experiment with small amount those that are new to you. If you grow your own sprouts make sure that you know what you are sprouting. Read up as many books as you can on it before starting so that you have a complete idea of the good and the bad.

Sprouts have only recently emerged as a recognized source of food-borne illness. Since 1995, American health officials have attributed 13 food-borne disease outbreaks worldwide to sprouts. Ten of these outbreaks occurred in the United States, resulting in illnesses in at least 956 Americans and at least one death. A common source of toxin is not in the seeds but in the way the seeds are obtained, harvested or stored. It's believed that the seeds from which sprouts are derived are often the source of toxin. Some of the seeds may become contaminated by animals in the field or during post-harvest storage. Also, the use of animal manure in fields of sproutable plants such as alfalfa intended for nonhuman use may be a problem if the seed is used for sprouting.

Conclusion (Kesimpulan)

Finally try not to do thing excessively. Take sprouts but on a regular acceptable small amounts basis. Any thing taken to much and too often is not good for the body. By taking only small amounts, you can avoid taking too much of things your body is less agreeable to. It also gives you body the ability to get rid of these things naturally and built up a natural tolerance and immunity to them.

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